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Mold Removal in Saco

Date: 02-2021

When facing indoor mold, one of the most important things you can do is address it quickly. With professional mold removal from Green Home Solutions, homeowners in Saco can immediately minimize the damage mold has on indoor surfaces and on respiratory health. Our experts administer high-impact treatments within days. We investigate, isolate, and treat mold […]

Mold Removal in Portland With Powerful Results

Date: 12-2020

When you’re looking for fast-acting, long-lasting mold removal services in Portland, Maine, Green Home Solutions is here for you. We take guesswork out of the mold remediation process, delivering incredibly precise, tactical remediation calibrated for your home. Using eco-friendly products, expert methods, and powerful equipment, we deliver effective remediation within days.  Treating mold on your own […]

Mold Remediation in York

Date: 06-2020

With Green Home Solutions, getting fast and proactive mold remediation services has never been easier for York homeowners. We can quickly treat indoor mold in as little as two days or more, with affordable solutions that you can count on to last. Our environmentally friendly treatment products are also completely family-friendly, too.  We take the […]

Choosing Mold Remediation in Portland ME

Date: 05-2020

At Green Home Solutions in Portland, ME, we provide affordable, long-term solutions to issues of mold, moisture, and mildew. We take the stress and uncertainty out of treatment by using data-backed, proven methods of treatment that are tailored to address your home and its specific issues of indoor mold. The result is mold abatement in about […]

About Our Mold Remediation in Saco

Date: 03-2020

Mold remediation from Green Home Solutions takes any guesswork out of treatment. For homes in Saco, ME, we use rigorous methods, high-powered equipment, and powerfully reactive remediation sprays to get to the root of the issue. Treatments are always backed by data from preliminary inspections, so we’re always using precise strategies that are specific to your […]

Mold Removal in Portland: How We Consider Your Health

Date: 12-2019

Dealing with mold can be stressful for homeowners, with good reason. At Green Home Solutions, we try to make sure stress enters the equation as little as possible when you’re dealing with a mold problem. Our mold removal services in Portland aren’t just fast-acting and long-lasting. We also think about your health when we deliver […]

What To Know About Mold Removal Services in Portland

Date: 07-2019

When you’re dealing with mold issues or other air quality problems, Green Home Solutions can deliver impactful treatments with long-term results. Our mold removal services are used by homes, healthcare centers, and commercial facilities in Portland as well as Saco, Kittery, York, and Kennebunkport. Here’s what you should know when you’re dealing with mold problems.  […]

Mold Removal Services in Portland

Date: 08-2015

No one wants to learn there is mold in their home, but the blow is made softer once learning of the fast, affordable Portland mold removal services offered by Green Home Solutions of Portland. Rather than demolition teams and harsh chemicals, our approach is much gentler. Our product for home and basement mold removal in […]

Mold Testing in Portland

Date: 08-2015

Even if you can see visible signs of mold in your home, Portland mold testing is still an important step in creating an effective plan for remediation. The testing allows us to determine the extent of the infestation and the type of the mold. Once we have that information, we’re able to create a plan […]

Mold Inspection in Portland

Date: 08-2015

Have you noticed a musty smell in your home, or noticed unexplained dark spots? Those and other signs of a possible mold problem should not go unaddressed. One thing is sure: Ignoring mold won’t make it go away. Instead, our Portland mold inspection services can accurately determine if your home does have a mold issue […]