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Crawlspace Encapsulation in Holland: The Choice of Realtors & Home Inspectors

Date: 09-2021

Crawlspaces offer a number of advantages, but they’re high-risk areas for mold, pests, and water damage. All three of these problems have a common root cause: excess moisture. In a typical crawlspace, the best defense against these problems is crawlspace encapsulation. At Green Home Solutions, our encapsulation systems are a popular choice with homeowners in […]

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Zeeland

Date: 09-2021

Crawlspaces are one of the most vulnerable features of the home, and that’s especially true if they’re unsealed. An unsealed crawlspace acts as an open entry point for the rest of the house, allowing pests, mold, and other irritants to infiltrate the home. Crawlspace encapsulation is crucial to preventing that risk. At Green Home Solutions […]

Experts For Mold Removal in Holland

Date: 04-2021

When it comes to indoor mold, it’s always important to act quickly. Professional mold removal can mitigate much of the damage that mold presents to your indoors and to your health. At Green Home Solutions, we offer comprehensive, affordable treatments for homes in Holland. Our experts understand why mold spreads and how it can be […]

Professional, Powerful Mold Removal in Zeeland

Date: 12-2020

Professional mold removal from experts can take all of the stress and guesswork out of the process. For homes, offices, and commercial properties in Zeeland, Green Home Solutions can treat mold issues thoroughly. We take an expert approach to controlling and abating existing growth, while providing long-term measures for mold control. With our team, you’ll […]

Mold Remediation in West Olive

Date: 07-2020

Dealing with mold doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated, or drawn-out. At Green Home Solutions, we deliver mold remediation at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional treatment in West Olive. We do that while ensuring you get long-lasting impact, getting straight to the heart of any mold or moisture issues that are present indoors.  We […]

Our Trusted Mold Remediation in Zeeland

Date: 05-2020

At Green Home Solutions, we make it easy to get precise, detailed mold remediation that targets mold at its very source. For homes in and around Zeeland, our representatives offer treatment that’s based on detailed testing and inspection, so that we always have a clear picture of exactly how far mold has spread. You can […]

Your Trusted Mold Remediation in Holland 

Date: 02-2020

When you need professional mold remediation services, you want treatments that are proactive, effective, and long-lasting. That’s what you’ll get with Green Home Solutions in Holland, MI. We take an exacting approach to assessing, identifying, treating, and preventing mold throughout Ottawa County. We get to the source of mold, moisture, and other air quality issues […]

How Mold Removal in Zeeland Can Address Health Concerns

Date: 12-2019

Our health is often tied to the environments we spend the most time in. When mold enters the picture, it can be a worry for that exact reason. Indoor mold can result in health concerns for those around you, particularly when proper mold removal techniques aren’t used. That’s where Green Home Solutions in Zeeland can […]

Mold Removal Services For Zeeland: Your Questions Answered

Date: 07-2019

When you need mold removal services in Zeeland, Green Home Solutions can help you take control of any mold problems inside your property. We deliver our powerful, fast-acting, and affordable services to homeowners and property managers in Zeeland as well as Hudsonville, West Olive, Holland, and Saugatuck. Here are just a few of the questions we get most […]