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About Our Mold Remediation in Altoona

  • Date: 02-2020

At Green Home Solutions, our high-powered services take the stress, cost, and complication out of mold remediation in Altoona, PA. We make it easy to get comprehensive treatments in just a few days, with impact that lasts for the long-term. 

Our expert representatives can treat all types of buildings throughout the region. That not only includes houses, rental properties, and offices, but also industrial facilities, hospitals, and commercial properties. We appreciate the need for health-conscious, targeted treatments that truly get to the root of all mold growth. We always deliver responsive services that follow pertinent guidelines from the EPA, OSHA, AORN, and other organizations.  

With Green Home Solutions, you can always expect family-friendly, highly rigorous mold remediation. Our treatments don’t just target active mold on surfaces or in the air. We also address dead mold spores and other harmful microbes in your air quality for a more breathable indoor environment. 

Mold Remediation in Altoona with Lasting Impact

mold remediation in Altoona

When you pick Green Home Solutions in Altoona, you get expert mold remediation with immediate results. Wherever we can, we take out the need for demolition or teardown that conventional remediation relies on. The products we use are gentle on indoor surfaces and can even restore them in some cases. 

That doesn’t mean we ever skimp on impact. Instead, we search your home thoroughly for any mold, using inspection equipment that can find difficult-to-detect growth. If we find that it’s necessary, we may also take samples for further testing and verification at a third-party laboratory. 

Once we know what the scope of mold growth is right now, we get to work. With the results of inspection reports, we can formulate a detailed and high-precious plan for treatment. We also offer proactive recommendations for treating moisture, humidity, or water intrusion that may be contributing to mold growth. 

Your Trusted Experts For Air Quality Control 

Green Home Solutions always puts your well-being and peace of mind first. Our mold remediation is completely family-friendly, with treatment sprays that won’t impair your home’s indoor air quality. Our EPA-certified, eco-friendly treatments are designed to remediate mold and improve indoor air, targeting the allergens that cause health concerns such as asthma. 

We’re proud to be the local experts in mold and air quality control, including for those in: 

With mold remediation from Green Home Solutions, you can get lasting treatment in as little as 5 days. To schedule services in Altoona, just call (888) 511-3369 today!