Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Central PA

About Our Mold Remediation in Tyrone 

  • Date: 04-2020

At Green Home Solutions, we can put an immediate stop to mold growth inside your home. With rapid-response mold remediation services for Tyrone, PA homeowners, we treat mold in a matter of days. Our treatments are more affordable than conventional remediation, but we never skimp on efficacy. Instead, we use extra-strength treatment sprays, detailed data, and personalized strategies for powerful results.  

When mold appears within an indoor environment, it doesn’t come out of nowhere. Determining the moisture sources contributing to mold growth is necessary to deliver effective mold prevention. Your Green Home Solutions representative will investigate for leaks or other moisture events related to mold, making sure we can treat mold while helping to prevent it in the future, too. 

High-Powered Mold Remediation for Tyrone Families

dog in clean home after our mold remediation in Tyrone

Mold remediation from Green Home Solutions is always family-friendly, meaning our products are safe for kids and pets when used as directed. But that’s not all. We only work with products that are EPA-certified and eco-friendly, with no harsh contaminants or abrasive pollutants that could compromise the indoor air in your home. 

We know that mold can come with health risks, and we always target the allergenic proteins within mold spores that are linked to asthma and related issues. Our treatment sprays are exclusive to Green Home Solutions, meaning you won’t get them from any other remediation company. These sprays are proven to aggressively treat mold and mold spores, for mold-free surfaces and cleaner, healthier air. 

Your Green Home Solutions representative will build a treatment plan that’s highly tailored to your home. It allows us to administer rapid-response remediation while focusing on lasting impact. With our services, you can expect the average treatment to take anywhere between two and five days to successfully complete, so you can have your home back in order in no time. 

How We Prioritize Your Peace of Mind 

Dealing with mold can cause a lot of stress, and Green Home Solutions always aims to mitigate that wherever we can. We help homeowners throughout the area deal with mold quickly:  

Your Green Home Solutions representative will work with you throughout the mold remediation process, making sure you know what to expect throughout each stage and how we’re effectively combating mold. Your peace of mind matters to us, and we make sure to earn it with any treatment.  

If you think you might need mold remediation, speak to a Green Home Solutions representative today. Call (888) 511-3369 to take advantage of our free consultations in Tyrone.