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Mold Inspection in Altoona

  • Date: 08-2015

Think you spotted mold in your home? Wondering what that damp, musty odor is? Mold is a problem many Altoona homeowners face, no matter how clean their homes are. All mold needs to thrive is a moist environment and it doesn’t take long to spread. Make sure your home is safe and healthy by contacting Green Home Solutions, the mold specialists. Our pre-remediation inspections reveal exactly what we’re up against, so we can provide the most effective solution.

Comprehensive Altoona Mold Inspection

At GHS, we realize that every homeowner has a unique situation and our mold inspection service is tailored to meet your needs. One of our trained technicians will visit your home, listen to your concerns, and inspect your home thoroughly, collecting samples of mold and air as necessary. We’ll send your samples to an independent third party lab for testing, and we’ll compile a report of the findings and an estimate for mold removal for your review.

If your test samples are positive for mold, we offer effective mold removal products that won’t harm your home or any of its inhabitants, including pets. Our EPA registered, plant based enzymatic solutions eliminate mold quickly-you can return to treated areas in as little as 15 minutes after application.

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