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Attic Mold Removal in Tyrone: 3 Common Causes of Mold

  • Date: 08-2021

Most people know that basements and bathrooms are particularly susceptible to mold. But what about attics? This often-ignored feature of the home can frequently become a hotspot for mold. At Green Home Solutions, we administer attic mold removal for homes throughout Tyrone and Blair County. We know how prevalent this issue is—and how easy it is to overlook.

Why is mold drawn to the attic? Let’s review some of the most common causes of attic mold.  

Why Is Mold Appearing In Your Attic? 

Mold doesn’t need much to survive. Once it’s taken root in an indoor environment, it can be particularly difficult to clean up on your own, which is why we always recommend professional attic mold removal for homeowners in Tyrone. 

Mold only grows when there’s a buildup of water in the air or on surfaces. Here’s a look at three causes of attic growth: 

  • Improper airflow. Blockages in ventilation, or lack of proper ventilation, are two very common causes of attic mold. A good rule of thumb is that your attic needs one square foot of ventilation for every hundred square feet of space. Otherwise, your attic is likely to sustain humid, muggy air. This creates a strong climate for wet wood and mold. 
  • Venting of fans. Dryer vents, kitchen fan vents, and bathroom vents should all lead to the outdoors. If these instead lead to the attic, it means all of that excess moisture is being pumped into your attic space. It creates the perfect environment for mold to sprout and to thrive, not to mention the potential for pest problems. 
  • Leaks in the roof. Our roofs can withstand a lot, but sometimes they spring a leak. In these cases, your attic will often be directly affected. Winter wear and tear can lead to shingles eroding over time, meaning water can get into the rafters and joists of your attic. While this type of mold is often localized, it’s real worry for structural mold problems.  

Schedule Professional Attic Mold Removal in Tyrone 

When you’re dealing with attic mold removal, safety is a real concern. Pests, rotten flooring, and other issues can present a real risk to homeowners. It’s why professional, comprehensive treatment from experts you trust is important. At Green Home Solutions, we can clean up mold in: 

  • Tyrone
  • Altoona
  • Lewistown
  • State College
  • Huntingdon
  • And throughout the surrounding area

If you need attic mold removal in Tyrone, get in touch with Green Home Solutions. To speak to our team, contact (855) 724-7336 today.