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12 Ways To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Home

  • Date: 02-2020

It’s a new year and we’ve wrangled up our top tips to keep your home mold free in 2020!

  1. Monitor your indoor humidity levels with a thermometer / hygrometer. If your HVAC system can’t keep up, consider adding a dehumidifier. 
  2. Check your HVAC supply vents regularly for moisture build up when the cooling system is operating. 
  3. Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. Usually, 20 minutes of runtime is the general standard after a shower.
  4. Regularly wipe down and clean your tub and shower curtains.  
  5. Remove clothes from the washing machine and dry them quickly before mold has a chance to grow.
  6. If you keep house plants, check them often for signs of mold growth.
  7. Ensure there are no leaks and that your windows & doors are properly sealed.
  8. If you have sliding doors, ensure a proper seal and keep the tracks clean and dry.
  9.  Keep your crawl space well ventilated. When living in a humid climate with a crawl space containing HVAC ducts, a dehumidifier may be needed.
  10. Keep your storage boxes a few inches off the ground. Replace cardboard boxes with plastic storage totes. 
  11. Keep your carpets vacuumed and dry.
  12. If your home has gutters, clean them regularly so that water is not trapped around the roofline or allow runoff to the foundation below.

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