Two professionals with mold testing equipment in Charleston

About Our Mold Testing in Charleston

  • Date: 12-2020

Whether you’ve discovered visible evidence of mold or you need further proof, mold testing is a crucial step for effective remediation. For homes and businesses in Charleston, Green Home Solutions offers rigorous inspections for mold and mildew. Our experts in mold removal can find, treat, and prevent any mold issues you’re dealing with. 

Inspection from Green Home Solutions involves powerful detection equipment and other proven strategies to uncover growth. We use inspection protocols consistent with the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization and other relevant guidelines. Using infrared scanning equipment as well as moisture meters, we’re able to find mold more easily. 

We take every measure needed to ensure thorough results. If needed, we’ll even collect samples from surfaces and air in affected areas, to test at a third-party microbial lab. We take precise steps to map out mold and related concerns. 

Why Mold Testing in Charleston Is Needed 

Many times before remediation in Charleston, Green Home Solutions starts with mold testing. This precursor to treatment can provide you with valuable data before, during, and after remediation: 

  • Mapping out significant growth. Mold can’t always be spotted by sight or smell alone. A detailed inspection can reveal areas of previously undetected mold. It can help give a clear sense of how extensive mold issues are within your space, and how far they’ve progressed. 
  • Uncovering mold sources. When mold is present indoors, it’s often an indicator of an underlying leak or other moisture issues. In order for remediation to have a lasting impact, it’s crucial to find and address water sources for mold. Inspection can uncover these sources. 
  • Establishing the scope of work. The scale of mold growth will typically inform the level of remediation needed to address it thoroughly. At Green Home Solutions, we always implement an inspection to determine the scope of work required, so we can be precise every time. 
  • Providing a baseline. An initial test can provide a valuable baseline for your peace of mind. Once remediation is finished, your Green Home Solutions representative can complete a final inspection. We compare final results to the preliminary test, so we can verify mold has been dealt with.  

Schedule An Inspection With Green Home Solutions 

If you’re worried about mold, Green Home Solutions can help. We offer mold testing everywhere in the Lowcountry: 

  • Charleston
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Kiawah Island 
  • North Charleston
  • Summerville
  • Isle of Palms
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Schedule reliable, detailed mold testing in Charleston today. To speak to the professionals at Green Home Solutions, call (843) 608-1425.