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Ask Our Mold Remediation Service in Mt Pleasant: Where Does Mold Grow?

  • Date: 09-2019

At Green Home Solutions, we’re often asked why mold grows, and where homeowners can expect it to appear. With our mold remediation and indoor air quality service, we provide support for those in Mt Pleasant that have mold in their homes and offices and want to take preventative steps to ensure that it doesn’t return. 

When mold grows inside your home or office, it’s because certain factors have caused an ideal environment for it to prosper. Mold needs water, oxygen, and food to thrive. When damp areas have adequate oxygen and organic matter for mold to feed on, it’s likely that it will form within a day or two. That’s usually when our mold remediation and indoor air quality service in Mt Pleasant is called in. 

It is important to remember how versatile mold can be. It doesn’t need much water to survive—even the humidity in the air can provide adequate moisture. Mold can also survive with very low levels of air. Finally, mold and other non-desirable micro-organisms can feed on walls, floors, paint, and even dust particles!  

3 Places You Might Need Mold Remediation in Mt Pleasant

Many homeowners and property managers in Mt Pleasant know to respond quickly to mold growth in bathrooms, basements, and other damp and lightless spaces. But our mold remediation service often finds mold within these places, too: 

a wall that needs our mold remediation service in Mt Pleasant
  • Below rugs or carpets. Rugs can often seal moisture and dust between their fabric and the floor. That makes these areas a prime target for mold growth. If your carpeting is concealing wooden flooring, this provides another food source for mold and mildew.
  • Near windows. You may be surprised to learn that the condensation buildup on windows can provide enough water for mold. Check areas around windows for any growth. Drywall and wooden window sills are often places where mold can form. 
  • In the walls. For walls that conceal plumbing or vents, these areas can be culprits for mold growth. If a small leak occurs in your pipes, or too much moisture builds up in vents, this can give mold an opportunity to surface. 

Our Proactive Mold Remediation Service in Mt Pleasant 

It is important to know that approximately 80% of mold spores are non-visible. With highly detailed testing, Green Home Solutions can help homeowners throughout Mt Pleasant, Kiawah Island, Summerville, Isle of Palms, Charleston, and the Lowcountry take immediate action.  

It is critical to remember that not all companies are the same!  We utilize our vast building science knowledge to help target the source(s) and then address and mold and indoor air quality issues utilizing EPA registered plant-based products. Most importantly, we help you keep it away for good!  

Want mold testing from our mold remediation service? Learn about scheduling inspections and treatments in Mt Pleasant by contacting Green Home Solutions: (843) 608-1425