Professional Mold Removal in Mt Pleasant: Saving Cost and Time in the Long-Term 

Date: 11-2019

Many people, when discovering visible mold inside their bathrooms, basements, or attics, pick up the closest mold remover and opt to treat it themselves. But with significant or recurring mold issues, this approach can cause greater headaches and higher costs. Without the intervention of professional mold removal services in Mt Pleasant, you may be helping mold […]

5 Places Mold May Be Hiding In Your Home.

Date: 10-2019

Runny nose, watery eyes, dry cough, and possibly a sore throat.​Know these symptoms all too well? Don’t worry, ​a lot of us do! ​And most of us assume it’s​ allergies​ or a cold​. But what happens when these symptoms become​chronic?​ Notice them more when you are in the comfort of your home trying to binge […]

Ask Our Mold Remediation Service in Mt Pleasant: Where Does Mold Grow?

Date: 09-2019

At Green Home Solutions, we’re often asked why mold grows, and where homeowners can expect it to appear. With our mold remediation and indoor air quality service, we provide support for those in Mt Pleasant that have mold in their homes and offices and want to take preventative steps to ensure that it doesn’t return.  […]

Mold Removal Services in Mt Pleasant: 3 Common Questions 

Date: 05-2019

If you’re a home or building owner in Mt Pleasant, it can be stressful, and even frustrating to navigate mold removal services on your own. At Green Home Solutions, we can assist you in navigating this process, understanding the extent of mold issues, and deciding on the next steps. In addition to mold testing and removal services, […]

Charleston Mold Removal

Date: 08-2015

Mold. It’s not something that any homeowner would welcome. While it’s true that, for most people, a small amount of mold isn’t harmful, letting mold and mildew grow unchecked can lead to health problems for some people. Respiratory issues, depression, and nervous-system disorders are just a few of the health issues that can be caused […]