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Do You Have Potentially Harmful Mold Hiding Inside Your Home or Office?

  • Date: 11-2019

Mold spores can quickly become airborne and almost 80% of mold is non visible!

Check out our video below for a quick run-down of how we can help, and some things you may not know about mold in your home or office!

  • With Green Home Solutions, you can opt for affordable, eco-friendly mold removal. 
  • We utilize our own proprietary treatment sprays, which don’t release harsh pollutants or chemicals into your indoor air. 
  • Our methods are also family-friendly, and completely safe for children and pets when used as directed!

What are the common signs of mold exposure?  Could you be at risk?

common signs of mold exposure

If you are experiencing these symptoms and would like us to inspect your home or office for mold or other airborne impurities, fill out our contact form below!

Our experts will get in touch with you ASAP and find a solution that works best for YOU!

When we inspect your home or business, we combine our 25 years of experience with residential and commercial buildings with innovative infrared technology to assess the problem and locate the source. 

Identifying the source is critical to solving the problem long-term. Next, we develop a custom treatment plan to achieve the best results possible!

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