Mold Inspection on Kiawah Island: Do I Fix the Leak or the Mold First? 

Mold and moisture issues are closely intertwined. If you have a leak, it’s likely mold will crop up as a result. This is why treating mold and treating moisture issues are both necessary measures for effective remediation. With mold inspection, Green Home Solutions can trace water sources causing mold. It’s one of the first steps we take for mold removal on Kiawah Island.  

People often want to know: what should be treated first, mold or the leak? We help homeowners take action against moisture issues before we even start on treatment. Here’s why. 

Why Proper, Professional Mold Control Matters 

At Green Home Solutions, we begin any remediation process with a comprehensive mold inspection. For homes on Kiawah Island, it means we can point to specific moisture sources as the cause of mold. We also offer proactive recommendations for taking care of these water sources. 

Why do you need to dry up a leak before mold removal occurs? 

  • Drying out existing mold. Mold needs water to survive and thrive. As long as it has a water source, mold can continue to grow and flourish in your home. Depriving mold of its water source is crucial to deactivating any current growth. It means mold is prevented from further colonizing your surfaces. 
  • Limiting the damage caused by water intrusion. Leaks aren’t just contributors to mold, of course. They can also cause significant damage on their own. Water damage can cause staining, pest issues, surface warping, and other long-term deterioration. It can also remain trapped within surfaces if proper procedures aren’t taken to address it. 
  • Ensuring mold can’t easily recur. If you have an ongoing leak, it means that no matter how much mold cleanup occurs, mold can quickly resurface in the future. Mold can sprout up within hours of a moisture event, and it needs only minimal water to live. Addressing a leak is crucial to preventing any future mold problems. 

Take Action With Mold Inspection in Kiawah Island 

With a professional mold inspection from Green Home Solutions, you’ll have expert guidance on moisture management. Before we start cleaning up mold, our team can recommend steps for curbing any current moisture events. We help homeowners achieve long-term mold control throughout: 

  • Kiawah Island
  • Charleston
  • Mt. Pleasant
  • North Charleston
  • Isle of Palms
  • Summerville
  • And throughout the Lowcountry 

Are you dealing with moisture or mold issues? Green Home Solutions can help— just call (843) 608-1425 to schedule your mold inspection on Kiawah Island or anywhere throughout the Lowcountry.