Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services in Mt Pleasant: 3 Common Questions 

  • Date: 05-2019

If you’re a home or building owner in Mt Pleasant, it can be stressful, and even frustrating to navigate mold removal services on your own. At Green Home Solutions, we can assist you in navigating this process, understanding the extent of mold issues, and deciding on the next steps.

In addition to mold testing and removal services, we provide extensive air quality support to homes and buildings throughout the Lowcountry including Mt Pleasant, Summerville, Kiawah Island, Isle of Palm, and Charleston. Let’s take a look at the three questions we are asked most frequently. 

Should You Try Mold Removal Services On Your Own? 

If you can see obvious mold growth spreading in your home or office in Mt. Pleasant, you may be wondering if you should try treating the issue on your own. However, visible surface mold is only part of the problem. You quite possibly could have mold spores either in the air that you are breathing or in other undetectable areas. Without treating it professionally, it’s likely that mold will only continue to spread further. 

our staff doing mold removal services in Mt Pleasant

Most non-professional products are intended to treat surface growth. They provide a temporary solution to visible mold, while any other growth is able to flourish unabated. The longer you do hold off on professional mold removal services in Mt. Pleasant, the more you risk spreading tiny, invisible mold spores in throughout the property. 

Why Choose Our Mold Removal Services in Mt Pleasant? 

When you’re a home or building owner, it can be difficult to know how to choose the mold removal services that are right for you. At Green Home Solutions in Mt Pleasant, we always encourage you to obtain as much information as possible to feel comfortable making the best decision for you. We want to help you take informed next steps to deal with any mold or air quality issues. 

Our services are proactive, highly targeted, and designed to get right to the core of any mold problems in your home or building. Unlike many companies, we won’t use temporary treatments to remove surface issues. We’ll help you understand the complete extent of your mold problem and what caused it. That way, we can successfully remediate any and all growth, and help you prevent it from returning.  

How Can You Be Sure Your Mold Is Gone? 

Mold is understandably stressful, which is why we take careful steps to ensure your peace of mind. At Green Home Solutions in Mt Pleasant, we often pre-test prior to treatment, getting third-party confirmation of results from a microbial lab if needed. We also test after mold removal services in Mt Pleasant, to confirm that all growth has been thoroughly remediated. 

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