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Professional Mold Removal in Mt Pleasant: Saving Cost and Time in the Long-Term 

  • Date: 11-2019

Many people, when discovering visible mold inside their bathrooms, basements, or attics, pick up the closest mold remover and opt to treat it themselves. But with significant or recurring mold issues, this approach can cause greater headaches and higher costs. Without the intervention of professional mold removal services in Mt Pleasant, you may be helping mold to thrive throughout your indoor air. 

Mold can grow quickly after an initial moisture event, spreading through porous surfaces and breaking down organic building materials. It also travels through the air via tiny, imperceptible mold spores. Without targeting and isolating all mold present in your home, as well as addressing underlying moisture, it’s likely that mold will continue to spread causing further problems. 

3 Benefits Of Our Professional Mold Removal in Mt Pleasant 

When you want mold to stay away for the long-term, professional mold removal services from Green Home Solutions can make an immediate and lasting impact. For properties in Mt Pleasant, Charleston, Kiawah Island, Summerville, Isle of Palms, or throughout the Lowcountry, here’s a few of the benefits you will receive from our team: 

relaxing customer at her home after our  professional mold removal in Mt Pleasant

Expert inspections and treatment. Our representatives are certified mold inspectors and remediation experts, and use multiple tactics to scout your property for mold. We make sure you know where mold has spread indoors.  

Professional-grade equipment. We identify any present mold growth at the source, using powerful equipment. With detection technology, we can make sure we’re fully dealing with all present mold.

Eco-friendly, rigorous treatment sprays. We rely on our own, EPA-certified treatment sprays to get the job done. Our environmentally conscious sprays aggressively attack mold at the molecular level improving indoor air quality by making sure that even the dead mold spores can not cause allergic reactions. 

How We Deliver Treatments At Less Cost To You 

At Green Home Solutions, we minimize the stress, lengthy timelines, and high costs that typically accompany professional mold removal in Mt Pleasant. We do this in the following ways: 

Fast treatment. Our representatives move quickly, using responsive tactics devised specifically for your property’s mold. That means quickly applying targeted, impactful treatment. 

Less cost. With fast-acting remediation, we save you significant cost. We also use demolition as infrequently as possible, using other methods to access mold whenever possible. 

Lasting results. We want to prevent you from dealing with mold again. Our representatives can offer recommendations on improving your indoor environment, so mold is less likely to return. 

Get affordable, time-sensitive, and professional mold removal from Green Home Solutions in Mt Pleasant. Contact (843) 608-1425 at your convenience.