Why You Need Mold Inspection in Charleston

Why You Need Mold Inspection in Charleston

  • Date: 04-2021

The thought of indoor mold can be incredibly stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. At Green Home Solutions, we always recommend getting a detailed mold inspection as a crucial first step, even if you’ve discovered visible mold growth. With a professionally administered inspection in Charleston, you can get all the details you need to make treatment decisions with confidence. 

With expert inspection and testing services from Green Home Solutions, you can get a clear picture of indoor mold issues. We use rigorous investigation methods to scout for growth and to assess the damage to indoor areas.

Our representatives can offer you detailed data on how far mold has spread, what moisture sources are causing it, and what level of remediation is necessary to address it. We take stress and uncertainty out of the picture when dealing with mold. 

Mold Inspection in Charleston That Gets To The Source 

When mold isn’t cleaned up properly, it can become a pervasive issue. Even if you’ve addressed visible growth, mold can easily slip through cracks and infiltrate porous surfaces, spreading unnoticed below surfaces. It’s why Green Home Solutions always recommends a comprehensive mold inspection for homes and other buildings in Charleston. 

With our expert team, you can get a full investigation into mold and sources that may include: 

The case of mold. When mold appears, it’s an indication that underlying environmental issues are also present. We identify leaks, moisture buildup, or other water sources that help mold thrive.   

Immediate next steps. With inspection results, we can also offer you an estimate for remediation, as well as proactive measures for long-term mold prevention. We help you get ahead of any indoor mold issues.  

Green Home Solutions takes stress out of the process with careful and expert inspection. We make it easier to contain, treat, and prevent indoor mold problems.   

Schedule Your Inspection With Green Home Solutions 

At Green Home Solutions, our expert representatives are familiar with administering mold inspection services in houses, apartment buildings, industrial facilities, offices, and other buildings in the region, including in: 

  • Charleston
  • Mt. Pleasant
  • North Charleston
  • Summerville 
  • Kiawah Island
  • Isle of Palms
  • And throughout the surrounding area

When you need a comprehensive mold inspection, we’re here for you. Get in touch with Green Home Solutions in Charleston to learn more: (843) 608-1425.