Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Charlotte

About Our Mold Remediation in Charlotte

  • Date: 05-2020

Don’t let mold take over your home. At Green Home Solutions, we deliver fast-acting mold remediation in just a few days, targeting and comprehensively treating any mold or mold spores we find in your home. For Charlotte area homeowners, our treatments are based on exacting data and time-tested treatments, so you can always be sure of its powerful impact. 

Without professional intervention, mold can feel relentless. That’s because treating mold properly often requires effective prevention strategies, equipment for containing mold’s spread, and precise data on the location of growth. That’s what we can deliver for your home. We can typically offer treatment with less cost, stress, and disruption than conventional remediation, while still taking care of all mold that’s present. 

Comprehensive, Detailed Mold Remediation For Charlotte Area Homes

Family friendly Mold Remediation in CharlotteĀ from Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions always provides mold inspection services as a precursor to remediation. This allows us to map out any moisture buildup that might be causing mold, as well as learning how far mold has infiltrated indoor areas. For homeowners in Charlotte, it also offers a clear picture of the mold remediation that’s needed to correct the issue.

Using the highly detailed data from inspection reports, we build out our rapid-response strategies for remediation. Mold can cross-contaminate into other areas of the home, so containment is crucial at an early step. Your Green Home Solutions representative can also work with you to ensure mold prevention, addressing moisture sources which may be contributing to mold in the first place. 

We rely on teardown as little as possible. Our representatives appreciate that renovation can be costly and disruptive to your home, and we use strategic, precise treatment methods to avoid incurring renovation or construction costs for you. With Green Home Solutions, we always make it a little easier to get the immediate results you need from mold treatment. 

How We Improve Your Home’s Overall Air Quality at Green Home Solutions

At Green Home Solutions, we know that protecting your home’s indoor air quality is crucial to maintaining overall health and well-being. We always aim to improve indoor air quality whenever we provide mold remediation services in the areas of: 

  • Charlotte
  • Lake Wylie
  • Matthews
  • Fort Mill
  • Mint Hill
  • Lake Norman

Your Green Home Solutions representative will use eco-friendly treatment sprays to break down bacteria, mold spores, and other contaminating microbes in your air. The goal is to make your indoor air healthier and cleaner, for a difference you’ll be able to feel. 

Get mold remediation that’s tried, tested, and proven to work. To schedule a consultation at home in Charlotte, call Green Home Solutions at (704) 312-8557 for details.