Mold Removal Services

Getting Mold Removal Services in Charlotte: Your Questions Answered

  • Date: 06-2019

At Green Home Solutions in Charlotte, our unique mold removal services are fast, effective and affordable. Our mold remediation typically takes as little as one to three days to rid your home of musty odors, mold and airborne allergens. We use proprietary EPA registered plant-based enzyme products which differentiates us from other companies who often use harsh chemicals for treatment. 

Our plant-based products are safe for your entire family and your pets when used as directed. We deliver affordable and rapid-response remediation with long-lasting results. We know if you are experiencing musty odors or see mold growth you probably have many questions about mold remediation. Let us provide you answers to the three most asked questions here in Charlotte. 

What Services Does Green Home Solutions Provide in Charlotte? 

At Green Home Solutions in Charlotte, we provide key services to identify and correct issues that are affecting your indoor air quality, including: 

  • Whole home inspections
  • Air and surface testing for mold, allergens & VOCs
  • Odor neutralization and family-friendly mold removal with our EPA registered plant based mold killing product

Poor indoor air quality isn’t just a health and comfort concern for you and your family, its typically an indicator of a bigger, underlying issue. At Green Home Solutions we strive to locate the source of the problem before treatment thereby providing long-term improvements to your indoor living environment. 

Why Do You Need Professional Mold Removal Services?

It can be pretty tempting to try to tackle mold removal on your own. But doing so can just temporarily reduce visible surface mold without addressing the underlying issues, the unseen mold growth and airborne mold spores. Unfortunately, this means allergenic mold can actually spread through your home and continue to be a pervasive issue that will likely require more extensive professional mold removal services at some point. 

Many household/big box store mold products use harsh chemicals and are only designed to strip away visible mold growth on the surfaces of your walls, floors or other building materials. However, hidden growth including mold roots below the surface can continue to thrive and spread. Additionally, household products can’t properly address or eradicate non visible growth and airborne mold spores that settle throughout your entire home, allowing new mold colonies to grow at the first opportunity.

For local homeowners, we recommend starting with our professional mold inspection and testing services. These services will give you an accurate picture of how big or small your mold problems are. If there’s treatable growth we can rapidly and thoroughly remediate the affected area, or even your whole home, in as little as one day. Our mold product application method is by an ultra-fine spray mist that allows us to quickly and effectively reach areas that conventional mold removal companies cannot, saving you time and money. 

Why Should You Choose Green Home Solutions? 

We’re frequently asked: What sets Green Home Solutions apart from other professional mold removal services in Charlotte? Here are three important distinctions: 

our staff doing mold removal services in Charlotte
  • Our EPA registered mold product is made in the USA using a plant based blend of enzymes that not only kills mold but breaks down the allergenic protein components, eliminating its potential harmful effects.
  • Our unique mold removal process often avoids expensive demolition, so we are usually far less costly and time-consuming for homeowners.
  • Our products create a clean indoor environment by cleaning and killing airborne impurities – wherever they may hide – and are safe for families and pets when applied according to our methods .

Do you you have more questions?  We’re here to help! 

Please give us a call at (704) 312-8557 today to ask about our mold removal services in Charlotte and the surrounding communities, including Matthews, Mint Hill, Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, and Fort Mill.