Mold Inspection in Charlotte: How Do You Test for Mold?

Even when you’re certain mold is in your home, a mold inspection in Charlotte is necessary for effective mold abatement. Mold grows fast. It’s often undetectable unless professional testing methods are used. With proper inspection, it’s easier to locate subsurface mold issues and previously overlooked water intrusion.

At Green Home Solutions, we administer comprehensive inspections as a precursor to mold remediation. We use high-precision methods to investigate indoor environments for mold and any contributors to mold. 

Our Comprehensive Approach to Mold Inspection in Charlotte 

Getting a clear, definitive picture of indoor mold issues requires a thorough approach during the mold inspection process. At Green Home Solutions in Charlotte, we draw on a range of best-practice testing methods as recommended by the EPA and the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization.

  • We identify problem areas. Before testing begins, we’ll ask you to identify any areas of concern. These are spots around the home where you suspect potential mold and moisture issues. We’ll use these observations to map out inspection and testing areas.
  • We scan for mold and moisture. Your Green Home Solutions representative will then scout for signs of water intrusion or mold. We work with perceptive infrared equipment during the visual inspection process, so we can better identify any active issues.
  • We submit air/surface samples for testing. In some cases, we may use an AIHA-accredited microbial lab if we need more data. We’ll extract surface/air samples for lab analysis, so we can check for microscopic mold spores in these areas. 
  • We present you with results. Once testing and inspection is complete, we supply you with full results. Your Green Home Solutions representative can walk you through these, so you know exactly what we’ve found and what’s needed to treat any mold or moisture concerns. 

Fast and Affordable Remediation from Experts in Charlotte

Professional mold inspection and remediation can save a lot of stress in the long run. If we uncover mold, we can implement fast, high-impact remediation. During mold remediation: 

  • We isolate affected areas, so mold can’t easily disperse elsewhere in the home. 
  • We clean up mold quickly and precisely, resulting in affordable treatments. 
  • We improve indoor environmental conditions for long-term mold prevention.  

Whether you’ve found visible mold growth or you’re just anxious about its presence, your Green Home Solutions representative can help you determine what next steps are needed.

Get mold inspection from experts in Charlotte. Call (704) 312-8557 to speak to your Green Home Solutions representative today.