Mold Inspection in Matthews

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Matthews

Mold and moisture problems live side-by-side. If you have a pervasive leak or longstanding water intrusion, it’s very likely mold is present as well. Your experts at Green Home Solutions can help you to address both. With expert mold inspection and remediation services in Matthews, we can clean up mold and help to abate moisture too. 

Dealing with existing moisture contributors to mold is one of the earliest steps necessary for long-term mold removal. With our mold inspection data, we can identify any related water buildup. Here’s why it’s so important to address any water sources for mold. 

Why Moisture Prevention is Important For Mold Prevention

Finding and drying up any moisture sources can prevent mold issues in the future while minimizing the risk of current spread. After a mold inspection, Green Home Solutions can help homeowners in Matthews take necessary precautions to abate leaks or other buildup. Here’s how moisture control can help overall mold control, too: 

  • Water can remain trapped in or beneath surfaces. When significant water intrusion occurs, it can remain trapped for a long time. This can trigger all kinds of water damage and deterioration. Even when a leak is stopped, water can remain in porous surfaces or in puddles if not dried out, presenting an ideal environment for mold to flourish in your Matthews home. 
  • Water buildup can seep into other areas. When enough water accumulates, it can push through into other areas of the home. Significant leaks can affect flooring in a bathroom and can seep through to a ceiling below, creating new habitats where mold can live. Addressing the source of water intrusion identified by mold inspection is crucial to preventing this concern. 
  • As long as water is present, mold can come back. If moisture sources aren’t dealt with first, it’s likely mold will continue to appear within a given area. Proper remediation entails finding and addressing water sources and leaks. That way, once cleanup is completed, mold doesn’t have the conditions it needs to take root.  

Choosing Our Mold Inspection in Matthews 

At Green Home Solutions, we offer rigorous mold inspections, completed by our experts. We use multiple investigation methods to seek out the full scope of existing mold and moisture, helping homeowners throughout the area to combat mold. Our local team is ready to service the following areas:  

  • Matthews
  • Lake Norman
  • Charlotte
  • Fort Mill
  • Mint Hill
  • Lake Wylie
  • And throughout the surrounding area

A comprehensive mold inspection from Green Home Solutions can help you get to the heart of mold and moisture issues. Call our team in Matthews at (704) 312-8557 for more info.