Indoor Air Quality Services in Charlotte: Protecting from Outdoor Pollutants

When you see air quality warnings, these alerts often occur in the hotter months, prompted by smog, particulate matter, or other outdoor pollution. But you want to make sure your home is sealed from outdoor contaminants year-round. It’s important to understand what you can do on your own—and where indoor air quality services in Charlotte can help.

Tiny contaminants constantly cycle in and out of indoor spaces. These pollutants can come from inside—such as particles from when you cook—or they can come from outside.

At Green Home Solutions, we evaluate, identify, treat, and prevent indoor air quality issues. We know that the right strategies can positively impact indoor air quality. Let’s take a look at a few. 

How to Protect Indoor Air Quality in Charlotte

Outdoor pollution can come in many forms, including smog, ozone, and wildfire soot. But there are plenty of everyday sources of outdoor pollution, too, like pesticides, soil gasses, and garden equipment.

Whatever the source, you can always be proactive about protecting your indoor environment. Here’s how:

  • Don’t leave your car or lawnmower idling.
    Emissions from cars, gas-powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and snow blowers can easily waft indoors. That’s especially true if you have an adjoining garage.

  • Re-consider pesticides.
    When it comes to outdoor contaminants traveling into your home, one of the top problems is pesticides. If your home has been treated recently, keep your windows and doors closed. You may also want to re-consider pesticides altogether and find natural alternatives.

  • Invest in waterproofing.
    An encapsulated crawl space keeps energy and air within your home—and it also helps keep out soil gasses, mold spores, and water vapor. It’s also worthwhile to invest in waterproofing your attic as well.

  • Make sure your indoor air is healthy overall.
    It’s easier to protect from outdoor pollutants if your indoors are dry and appropriately ventilated. Make sure your vents are regularly cleaned and that your space is mold-free, too.

Indoor Air Quality Services with a Powerful Impact

At Green Home Solutions, our experts make it easy to understand how to keep your home healthier. We offer comprehensive indoor air quality services in Charlotte: 

  • Detailed indoor air quality testing.
  • Rapid-response mold inspection and treatment.
  • Crawlspace encapsulation that doesn’t involve drilling into the foundation.
  • Swift removal of odors and VOCs from smoking, pets, fire or other sources.

Invest in the air you breathe with indoor air quality services. If you have questions for Green Home Solutions in Charlotte, just call us at (704) 312-8557.