Quality Mold Testing in Charlotte 

  • Date: 05-2021

Before you start worrying about mold issues, you’ll want to schedule detailed testing and inspection services. Mold testing is the basis for any remediation from Green Home Solutions. For houses, offices, and other types of buildings in Charlotte, we get to the source of what’s causing indoor mold problems.  

Mold can be especially pernicious because it’s fast-growing and appears at a microscopic level. At Green Home Solutions, we rely on high-powered infrared scanning, lab testing, and other investigative procedures to identify mold issues in full. With testing, you can get conclusive evidence on the scope and severity of any indoor mold, as well as what’s needed to stop it. We make it easier to fight mold effectively. 

Why Do You Need Mold Inspection?  

professional performing mold testing in Charlotte

For homeowners and property managers in Charlotte, mold testing offers all kinds of valuable data on mold and indoor air quality issues. That’s true whether you’ve already found visible evidence of mold, or you just think it may be present. With testing, Green Home Solutions can clarify the extent of mold as well as any next steps:   

  • We determine how far mold has infiltrated indoor areas. 
  • We seek out hidden or hard-to-reach areas of growth. 
  • We find and date moisture sources which may have contributed to mold. 
  • We identify the extent of remediation needed to successfully abate growth.  
  • We offer post-remediation testing to confirm the results of treatment. 

About Our Mold Testing in Charlotte 

Mold isn’t always visible or odorous, which is why we usually recommend mold testing. At Green Home Solutions, we comply with national testing guidelines, relying on the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, the EPA, and ANSI/IICRC protocols. We use rigorous methods to establish the extent and source of mold in: 

  • Charlotte
  • Lake Wylie
  • Mint Hill
  • Matthews
  • Lake Norman
  • Fort Mill
  • And the surrounding area 

Testing involves a detailed visual inspection. Our experts rely on enhanced infrared technology to scope out otherwise unnoticed mold growth and to trace any related moisture issues. From there, we may take additional measures to assess mold issues, such as air and surface sampling for lab analysis. That way, we can always provide you with a clear picture of your indoor mold issues.  

Positive Mold Test? Here’s What to Expect

If we find proof of mold, Green Home Solutions can implement rapid-response treatment within days. We draw on testing data to formulate specific remediation strategies for your home or business. In doing so, we can be fast and thorough, without ever sacrificing the powerful impact of our plant enzyme based treatments. 

Take action against mold in your home or office—get started with mold testing in Charlotte. Call Green Home Solutions to schedule a visit today: (704) 312-8557.