Indoor Air Quality Testing in Dalton, GA: How Air Quality Affects Your Health

How polluted is the air in your home? Without indoor air quality testing, it’s hard to know for sure. For homeowners in Dalton, GA, you may be surprised to learn that your main exposure to pollution is almost always through indoor spaces—including your home. 

At Green Home Solutions, we always try to demystify indoor air quality issues, so you always know what you’re dealing with. It’s important to understand why you should always try to improve air quality issues, so let’s review one of the biggest reasons—how it affects your health.  

The Health Effects of Poor Air Quality: A Quick Primer

How does indoor air quality impact your health and well-being? Let’s take a look:  

  • It can affect the way you think. When indoor air quality is polluted, it can have subtle effects on the way we think and process. Air quality issues are linked to fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. It can even contribute to memory loss and difficulty sleeping. 
  • It can affect your physical health. Poor air quality doesn’t just affect our minds—it can affect our bodies, too. An environment that’s dusty or moldy can worsen eyesight, cause congestion, and irritate the throat and nose. For those with allergies, it can trigger an allergic reaction, too. 
  • It can cause long-term complications. When people are repeatedly exposed to indoor air quality problems, it can have a longer-term effect on health and well-being. These effects, which range widely from respiratory illness to cancer, can be debilitating and sometimes even fatal. 
  • It can affect physical development. For children, regularly breathing in polluted air isn’t a good thing. Younger kids breathe faster, meaning they can be exposed to a third more air pollution than adults in the same environment. The UN has reported that regular exposure to poor air quality can affect lung growth and affect overall child development.  

While this can sound alarming, it’s just context for the importance of clean, healthy air. Proper indoor air quality testing and treatment in Dalton, GA makes it easier to understand what’s really in the air you breathe. 

Get Started with Indoor Air Quality Testing in Dalton, GA

When you choose Green Home Solutions, you can always schedule expert indoor air quality testing as a first step. We offer testing in: 

Green Home Solutions providing indoor air quality testing in Dalton, GA.
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Be proactive about the air quality in your home. To learn more about indoor air quality testing, homeowners in Dalton, GA can call Green Home Solutions at (423) 648-6653.