Indoor Air Quality Testing in Chattanooga: How to Identify Problems 

We need clean air to thrive. This seems like an obvious statement. But did you know, poor indoor air quality can affect your mood, your health, and your comfort level? Think about how unpleasant it is to sleep in a muggy room, or to focus on work in a room with a strong odor. At Green Home Solutions in Chattanooga, we offer indoor air quality testing to help you trace issues within your home.  

Most people spend over three-quarters of their lives indoors. But indoor air quality is often significantly worse than the air found outdoors. Homes are filled with all kinds of pollutants, from gas-emitting stoves to cleaning sprays to allergens produced by beloved pets. Even your furniture can release airborne chemicals. 

But how do you know when these pollutants are causing a serious problem? 

3 Ways to Identify Air Quality Problems in Chattanooga 

For the most part, pollutants alone aren’t the problem in your home. It’s when you have high concentrations of pollutants, combined with inadequate ventilation and excess humidity that your air quality really suffers. 

If you suspect issues within your home, here are three ways to narrow them down: 

  1. Speak to your doctor. Polluted air can cause all kinds of health problems, from short-term symptoms like headaches to long-term respiratory concerns. Your doctor can help you understand if a particular health problem is related to air quality.   
  2. Look at ventilation. If your home isn’t getting enough airflow, it’s far more likely that other air quality issues are present. Watch out for signs like surface condensation, especially on windows or walls, and any pungent odors.  
  3. Identify potential concerns. Conduct a walkthrough of your home to determine if specific pollutant sources are a worry. This can help you narrow the issue down to certain areas—like the basement or attic—for further exploration. 

From there, you’ll want to consider indoor air quality testing as many adverse conditions cannot be detected with a mere “flashlight inspection” For homeowners in Chattanooga, Green Home Solutions can trace, treat, and prevent underlying problems with the air you breathe.

Affordable, Impactful Indoor Air Quality Testing  

Air quality doesn’t have to be mysterious or difficult to understand. With Green Home Solutions in Chattanooga, indoor air quality testing makes it easier to restore clean air and good ventilation to your home by: 

  • Assessing areas for moisture, mold, odors, and other issues
  • Reviewing detailed testing results with you
  • Offering powerful, high-impact treatments to resolve air quality concerns

Get expert input and professional indoor air quality testing from Green Home Solutions. Start with a free initial consultation in Chattanooga by calling (423) 648-6653.