Mold Inspection in Lookout Mountain

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Lookout Mountain

One of our priorities when we perform mold inspections in Lookout Mountain is finding the underlying source of mold problems. Mold problems are caused by excess moisture, so we often discover a leak when inspecting the root cause of mold.

Sometimes, these leaks are due to plumbing problems like a cracked pipe or a loose seal. Other times, they’re due to home damage, such as a leaky roof or a crack in your home’s foundation.

Whatever the cause, you’ll need to fix the leak in addition treating the mold. But that means you’ll need to choose which of these issues to fix first!

Why You Should Fix the Leak First

When you’re dealing with mold, it’s always important to reduce moisture as much as possible. Mold thrives on moisture, and if you try to treat mold without controlling moisture problems first, you could struggle to get rid of the mold or prevent future growth.

This is particularly true with issues like leaks—even relatively minor ones. If you try to treat mold while a leak remains active, you could compromise the remediation treatment. What’s more, new mold could easily grow once the original growth has been removed.

That’s why we strongly recommend fixing any leaks before you treat mold problems. If you can’t perform a permanent fix immediately, you’ll want to find a way to stop or contain the leak. This way, you can control the moisture problem that led mold to grow in the first place, ensuring a more effective mold treatment.

Our Mold Inspection & Treatment Services in Lookout Mountain

Worried about mold problems inside your home? Green Home Solutions makes it easy to deal with mold problems in Lookout Mountain, with green products to remove and prevent mold growth in your home.

Our solutions start with our mold inspection services. During a mold inspection, we will identify the species of mold in your home, the severity and extent of the growth, and the underlying source of mold problems. Following this, we’ll develop a customized solution to remove the mold growth and prevent new mold from growing.

Instead of using harsh, ineffective chemicals such as bleach, we use a green product that fights mold using plant enzymes. This makes us a popular choice with families in Lookout Mountain and the surrounding areas. Our mold inspection and remediation services are available in Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Hixson, Signal Mountain, and neighboring communities.

Request a mold inspection in Lookout Mountain by calling Green Home Solutions at (423) 648-6653!