Mold Inspection in Chattanooga: Clearing Up Common Misconceptions

Mold Inspection in Chattanooga: Clearing Up Common Misconceptions

When mold starts to take over your property, it can leave unsightly stains while also causing significant structural damage. However, when it comes to identifying and addressing mold, things get a bit tricky without help from the pros at Green Home Solutions. We utilize comprehensive mold inspections to help track down mold in Chattanooga, TN properties and start them on the road to recovery. Below, we’ll highlight some common questions we get about mold to give you a better idea of where it comes from and how it can become an issue.

What You Should Know About Mold Inspection

Because spotting mold and effectively addressing it can be somewhat of a mysterious process, it frequently raises questions with our customers. Here are some of the questions we face most often and their answers to give you a head start in the fight against mold and the conditions it thrives in:

What is mold? While generally thought of as individual spots or patches, a single spot of mold is actually a dense colony of hyphae, which are individual strands of the fungus that make up mold. When these colonies get dense enough, they start to look like what we think of as mold and become visible to the naked eye.

Where does mold come from? Mold develops in places where there’s a high level of moisture. Leaks, high humidity, burst water pipes, and other sources of moisture create conditions where mold can thrive, which is why keeping interior spaces dry and ventilated is an important step toward keeping mold at bay.

Should I be worried about mold? Mold, if addressed quickly and effectively, is relatively harmless. However, it can cause structural damage if it’s left unchecked, and it can also cause respiratory issues and other health problems when the spores are inhaled.

Chattanooga’s Comprehensive Mold Inspection

When you choose our mold inspections, we’ll do more than just point out the mold on your premises. In addition to tracking down mold, we’ll also identify the source and work with you to create and implement a plan to address it and keep it from coming back.

We offer our comprehensive mold inspections to our neighbors located in these areas:

  • Chattanooga
  • Dalton, GA
  • Ooltewah
  • Signal Mountain
  • Lookout Mountain
  • And throughout the surrounding communities

Ready to get started with our mold inspection in Chattanooga? To learn more, contact our team at (423) 648-6653 today!