Mold Removal in Chattanooga: How Do Professionals Kill Mold?

If you’ve tried scrubbing away mold growth, only to have it resurface over time, it’s easy to feel like mold will never go away. But professional mold removal methods and high-precision cleaning sprays can make all the difference. It’s what Green Home Solutions in Chattanooga offers when we treat your home. 

Mold is tenacious, but it’s not invincible. In fact, mold behaves in a lot of predictable patterns, and can be treated thoroughly with the right methods and technology. If you’re wondering how the professionals remove mold, here’s a closer look.  

How Our Experts Treat and Remove Mold Growth 

Proper mold removal can be a multi-pronged process. At Green Home Solutions, we employ speed, thoroughness, and a tactical approach to treatment in Chattanooga. 

We know it’s never enough to just clean up visible mold. Instead, we use long-term strategies to effectively curtail mold growth: 

  • We use products designed to neutralize mold. We use environmentally friendly fungicides to break down mold, mold spores, fungus, and mildew. These science-based sprays neutralize active mold as well as dormant mold growth. 
  • We clean up airborne and surface growth. Once mold is present in an indoor environment, it can become airborne easily. We use robust products and sensitive equipment to clean up airborne mold particles as well as mold living on surfaces. 
  • We properly contain active mold areas. Improper cleaning and/or containment methods can trigger further mold outbreaks. We manipulate air pressure within mold-affected areas and rely on other specialized containment processes. 
  • We make indoor areas inhospitable to mold. Your Green Home Solutions representative will assist in long-term mold control. We help restore indoor environments to a neutral state, so mold doesn’t have the necessary conditions to thrive.

Mold Removal in Chattanooga Within 5 Days 

When you’ve got indoor mold, professional mold removal can reduce the significant costs, stress, and disruptions. That’s especially true with Green Home Solutions in Chattanooga: 

  • We work quickly. Our experts work strategically to contain and treat mold, completing treatment within 3 to 5 days.  
  • We minimize disorder. We use low-demolition or no-demolition methods to minimize dust and disruption. 
  • We take away uncertainty. We offer comprehensive testing before and after remediation, so you know mold issues are properly addressed.

Get powerful, expert mold removal in 5 days or less. To schedule your treatment in Chattanooga, give Green Home Solutions a call at (423) 648-6653 today.