Two professionals for Mold Removal in Cleveland

Mold Removal in Cleveland

  • Date: 02-2021

Mold shows up everywhere, from basements to bathrooms. If you’ve discovered it in your home or office, you’ll want to act right away. Professional mold removal from Green Home Solutions can quickly get to the heart of the issue. Our experts in Cleveland can target and clean up mold while preventing it from returning easily.  

We take guesswork away from every part of the treatment process, instead relying on diligent investigation procedures to inform our approach. The strategies we use to treat mold in your home are specifically devised for your home and the type of mold issues we’ve discovered within it. In doing so, we can always be faster and more precise, eliminating much of the cost, time, and uncertainty involved in remediation. 

How We Achieve Powerful Mold Removal in Cleveland 

With Green Home Solutions in Cleveland, mold removal only takes days. We accomplish this without ever compromising on the effectiveness of treatment. Your Green Home Solutions representative will use careful methods before and during treatment to ensure we’re thoroughly addressing mold. Here’s how: 

We discover moisture. When mold is present, you can be sure moisture buildup is there, too. We find leaks or other water intrusion contributing to mold, helping you to manage these issues for long-term mold control. 

We map out mold. It’s far too easy for pockets of mold to escape notice. We prevent this by comprehensively mapping out the full extent of mold within an affected area. We always rely on high-powered inspection equipment. 

We treat within days. We take swift measures to isolate and remediate any affected areas. Using a wide array of equipment, products, and strategic methods, we address mold but limit the need for teardown. 

We clean mold in the air. Mold isn’t just present on surfaces, it also travels and spreads in the air. Our team uses products that clean up dead mold and active spores in the air, improving the overall health of your home.  

A Family-Friendly Approach To Treatment 

With Green Home Solutions, the products and methods we use are always environmentally friendly and family-friendly. We take this approach for mold removal everywhere in the region: 

  • Cleveland
  • Chattanooga
  • Lookout Mountain
  • Signal Mountain
  • Hixson
  • And throughout the surrounding area

The products we use are completely safe for kids, pets, and other family, when used as directed. With no harsh chemicals and no high-toxicity ingredients, we always put your family and your health first.

Learn more about mold removal services from our Cleveland experts. If you have questions for Green Home Solutions, call us at (423) 648-6653.