Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Cleveland

About Our Mold Remediation in Cleveland

  • Date: 05-2020

With proper, professional mold remediation services, you can get mold dealt with in no time. At Green Home Solutions in Cleveland, we expertly diagnose, treat, and prevent issues of mold and mildew. Our team offers affordable treatments in a few days or more, without ever sacrificing the attention to detail and effectiveness we’re known for.   

With Green Home Solutions, you never have to worry about high-toxicity chemicals or other abrasive ingredients in treatments. We only work with tried and tested treatment sprays that are exclusive to our company. These EPA-certified, science-backed products use plant enzymes to break down mold and mold spores without introducing pollutants into the air in your home.   

A Detailed Approach To Mold Remediation in Cleveland 

Family friendly mold remediation in Cleveland

When you’re dealing with mold by yourself, it’s difficult to get a sense of how far mold has spread. We take the stress and confusion out of the treatment process. Your Green Home Solutions representative will use detailed mold testing and other detection methods to fully investigate the mold growth that exists inside your home. We rely on high-powered detection equipment and even microbial lab analysis in some cases for expert results.

Once we’ve fully mapped out the mold growth that’s present inside affected areas, we can also provide a clear picture of how much mold remediation is needed for proper treatment. In Cleveland, our representatives try to minimize the timelines, cost, and demolition that come with treatment wherever possible. We do this while making sure that any mold we’ve found is comprehensively treated. 

With targeted remediation strategies, robust gear and equipment, and our exclusive treatment sprays, we can take care of mold in no time. 

Green Home Solutions Provides Long-Term Solutions For Mold and Mold Spores

When mold takes root indoors, it needs additional factors to thrive. Addressing these factors, like water buildup or improper ventilation, is crucial to administering mold remediation that lasts. It’s why we always have a prevention-focused strategy when we treat homes in the areas of: 

During the initial inspection process, your Green Home Solutions representative can help to identify moisture buildup or water intrusion. We’ll also provide specific, proactive strategies for mitigating these factors. The presence of mold typically points to an underlying issue with indoor air quality. Finding it and addressing it helps to ensure long-term solutions for mold—and we make sure that happens for you. 

Need mold remediation in Cleveland? Just schedule an in-home meeting with a Green Home Solutions representative by contacting us at (216) 800-6653