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How Mold Removal in Cleveland Can Help Address Health Concerns

  • Date: 12-2019

Our health is affected by the environment around us. From the air we breathe to how much sunlight we get, both indoor and outdoor environmental factors can be tremendously impactful. If there’s mold within your indoor environment, it can have an effect on your health and the health of those around you. But powerful mold removal in Cleveland can help you put an end to it quickly. 

At Green Home Solutions, we always put your health and satisfaction first when we provide mold removal services. We remediate residential properties, industrial facilities, health facilities, and other types of buildings in Cleveland, and we always strive to consider health factors when conducting our services. 

Why Consider Professional Mold Removal?

family friendly mold removal in Cleveland

By the time you’re able to spot mold growth, it’s at the point where mold has collected into a colony. On its own, an individual mold spore isn’t visible to the unaided human eye. These tiny particles move throughout the air, coming into contact with anyone who works, lives, or otherwise spends time within a mold-affected area. 

Mold can cause a wide range of health concerns. For anyone who has an existing health issue, such as asthma or a weak immune system, mold can be particularly problematic. But even for those who don’t, mold may contribute to headaches, skin irritation, congestion, and more. 

Getting effective mold removal is a crucial line of defense against various types of fungi, including common forms of mold and mildew. In Cleveland, Green Home Solutions can provide treatment that leaves your indoor area healthier than ever.  

Our High-Powered Services in Cleveland

Green Home Solutions treats properties throughout Cleveland, Chagrin Falls, Mentor, Beachwood, Shaker Heights, and Westlake. With our mold removal services, we address mold on surfaces as well as mold within your air. The treatment sprays we work with can aggressively break down mold and mold molecules upon contact.

Mold removal that lasts isn’t just about treating mold itself. It’s also about identifying moisture, leaks, or other water events that have caused damp or humid conditions. With mold testing in Cleveland, we can help establish why mold has occurred and what steps are necessary to prevent it from returning. You’ll always be able to count on our treatments to have a lasting impact. 

Find out how to schedule mold removal services in Cleveland today. Get in touch with Green Home Solutions by calling (216) 800-6653 at your earliest convenience.