Mold Removal in Mentor: Will Mold Die If It Dries Out?

Mold is one of the most common issues that pops up with indoor air quality. However, it’s also one of the trickiest to effectively address. This common fungus can spread quickly, and attempting to simply bleach it away isn’t going to get the job done. By working with our team at Green Home Solutions, you can fight mold and prevent it from coming back. Our top-notch mold removal helps Mentor, OH homeowners and businesses get back to breathing easier.

In addition to boosting air quality, our mold removal solutions can also save you money. Mold, and the conditions that cause it, can lead to extensive property damage. And fixing this damage requires costly repairs and demolition. With our thorough remediation solutions, we help our neighbors avoid the price tag of construction.

4 Things to Know About Mold When It Dries Out 

There are several misconceptions about mold and what exactly happens to it once it dries. Here’s a quick look at what happens to mold when it loses its source of moisture, how it spreads, its survival, and how it can still affect your health:

  • Dry mold isn’t dead mold. Contrary to popular belief, mold doesn’t simply die off when it dries out. Instead, mold can hang around, lying in wait for a new water source to spring back to life, whether that’s trapped humidity, a rotten floorboard, or a leaky pipe.
  • Dry mold can become airborne. Another concern with dry mold is that it can flake off of the surfaces in your home or office and become airborne. And when dry mold is floating around in your air, it can cause respiratory discomfort and several other issues.
  • Dry mold can still present health concerns. If you have asthma or respiratory diseases, dried mold can still be threatening, making managing it a top priority.
  • Dry mold can survive for a long time. Not only can dry mold survive, but it can survive for years. In its dormant state, dry mold can stay alive for a long time and pick back up right where it left off once a new moisture source appears.

Get Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting Mold Removal in Mentor

A man from Green Home Solutions providing mold removal in Mentor.

To effectively fight mold and prevent it from popping up again in the future, choose our top-notch mold removal treatments. Our treatments use a comprehensive approach and top-notch products to bring you results you can trust.

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