Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Concord

Choosing Your Mold Remediation in Burlington 

  • Date: 04-2020

At Green Home Solutions, we take a comprehensive approach to finding, treating, and preventing mold and mold growth. For homeowners, property managers, and real estate professionals in Burlington, MA, we take the high cost and uncertainty out of mold remediation. Instead, we make sure that mold is addressed thoroughly, and with effects that last. 

We know how pervasive mold issues can be, which is why we take rigorous steps to discover the full extent of any mold problem. Our expert representatives rely on technologies, processes, and products that identify mold and mold spores, treating it robustly. 

With Green Home Solutions, you get the peace of mind that comes with mold remediation you can count on. But that’s not all. For local homes, our treatments are affordable and fast-acting, so you can get immediate relief from indoor mold. 

Our Approach to Mold Remediation in Burlington

Green Home Solutions always starts with detailed mold testing. Your representative will conduct this investigation with infrared scanning technology, and may even take further samples for independent analysis at a microbial laboratory. This level of detail is crucial to determining how far mold has spread, and what measures are needed to stop it. 

dog in clean home after our mold remediation in Burlington

We don’t just look for mold and mold spores. We also look for the source of any growth. Mold requires moisture to thrive, which is why cutting off moisture sources can help prevent mold long-term. We look for these sources and provide proactive recommendations on treatment. This way, you know exactly what to do to keep mold from coming back. 

Treatment from Green Home Solutions is extensive and swift. We know that mold can spread quickly, which is why we work just as quickly to shut down any growth. We isolate any areas that we’ve found to be affected by growth, and then use powerful, extra-strength treatment methods to make sure it’s taken care of. Our services take just two days or more to complete! 

Protecting Your Family and Our Community 

At Green Home Solutions, our mold remediation experts don’t just work in the area. We also live in the community, which makes it easier for us to travel throughout the region for treatment. We’re committed to providing family-friendly, eco-friendly treatments wherever we go, including the following communities: 

Get mold remediation services fully loaded with impact in Burlington. To get started with Green Home Solutions, call us today (978) 728-3441