Mold Inspection in Lexington: Uncovering Household Mold

For so many people, the thought of mold is an instant source of stress. But dealing with mold doesn’t have to be a drawn-out or costly process. With mold inspection and remediation from professionals you trust, you can take action against mold right away. For homes in Lexington and the surrounding area, Green Home Solutions can help. 

We use powerful technology and expert methods to investigate mold issues, identify moisture sources, and comprehensively remediate any affected areas of your home. With precise, rapid-response protocols for inspection and treatment, we can often restore indoor environments within a matter of days. 

Your Green Home Solutions representative can guide you through the process. Our experts understand mold control, and we understand how mold behaves. We help you understand how mold has occurred, and how to effectively prevent it long-term. 

3 Signs of Mold To Watch Out For

Mold can often feel like an inevitable fact of homeownership. But the truth is, mold only occurs when it has moisture sources to thrive on. With that in mind, it can be easier to identify signs of potential mold or moisture. Here are three potential symptoms of mold: 

Respiratory problems or allergies. When mold starts growing indoors, it can contaminate the air you breathe. If you’re starting to exhibit allergy symptoms, or if you’re having difficulty breathing in certain areas of the home, it can often point to mold’s presence. 

Significant musty smells. It’s worth noting that mold doesn’t always produce a smell. But ​​​​​​when mold is thriving, it can sometimes produce a mildewy, earthy, or otherwise musty smell. If a pungent odor has surfaced, try to narrow down the location if possible.

Warping of walls or surfaces. Mold can often live below surfaces, making it especially difficult to detect. You may see the effects of moisture and mold even if the cause is hidden. Watch for deteriorating or warping surfaces, including peeling wallpaper, bubbling drywall, or similar issues. 

If you notice any of these concerns, a mold inspection from experts in Lexington might be your next step. 

Detailed Mold Inspection in Lexington

With Green Home Solutions, mold inspection is administered using high-powered detection technology and other precise strategies. We’re committed to addressing mold problems at their source. It means high-impact inspection and remediation services for homes across the region: 

  • Lexington
  • Concord
  • Bedford
  • Waltham
  • Acton
  • Billerica
  • Burlington
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Learn more about our powerful, proactive mold inspection and remediation services. To schedule an inspection in Lexington, call Green Home Solutions at (978) 728-3441.