Mold Inspection in Concord: Your Mold Questions Answered

Professional for Mold Inspection in Concord: Your Mold Questions Answered

Mold can be a mysterious issue, as patches of it can seem to pop up out of nowhere. How does mold develop? How can I spot it? Below, we’ll take a look at these and other common questions we get from local homeowners, real estate agents, and property managers to give you a better idea of the scope of mold as an issue. Once you have a better understanding of mold, turn to the mold inspections we offer to Concord, MA area residents to effectively identify mold and create a plan to address it.

Common Mold Inspection Questions Answered

Because of how tricky mold can be to track down and address, we get several questions from our customers on the subject. Here are some of the most common questions we get and their answers to give you a head start in the fight against mold:

Why does mold grow indoors?

Mold pops up in areas that have a high concentration of moisture. High humidity, leaks, burst pipes, and other sources of moisture can all cause mold to develop and thrive, which is why it’s essential to keep your indoor spaces dry and well-ventilated.

What is mold?

Instead of the singular spots and patches that you may think of as mold, it’s actually made up of entire colonies of single strands of fungus called “hyphae.” These hyphae grow in collections that, when they become dense enough, become visible to the eye. 

How can I tell if there’s mold in my building?

Mold can be identified in a handful of different ways. The most common sign of mold is discoloration that can pop up on your walls or on other surfaces on the premises. Mold also gives off a trademark damp, musty smell that can be used to identify mold or conditions that are conducive to mold growth.

The Benefits of Professional Mold Inspection for Concord Area Residents

Working with us involves more than just identifying mold on your property. In our mold inspections, we’ll also track down the source of mold and recommend the best course of action to address it and prevent it from coming back.

We offer our mold inspection and remediation services to our neighbors in these communities:

  • Concord
  • Billerica
  • Lexington
  • Burlington
  • Acton
  • Bedford
  • Waltham

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