Mold Removal in Conifer: How Do You Know if Mold is Behind Drywall?

Mold can cause significant damage when left unchecked below surfaces, on walls, or other indoor surfaces. That’s because once mold is present, it will continue chewing through surfaces as long as it can. If you’re dealing with these issues, comprehensive mold removal in Conifer can immediately limit the damage. 

One of the first questions we get at Green Home Solutions is: How can I tell if mold is behind the drywall? A proper inspection can give you a clear assessment of indoor mold problems. But even before that, here are a few ways to spot mold growing behind your drywall.

4 Signs of Potential Mold Issues Behind Drywall 

If you’re worried about mold at all, it’s worth getting in touch with your Green Home Solutions representative right away in Conifer. Unsure what qualifies as a warning sign of mold? Here are four indicators you may need mold removal. 

  • Damp or rotting areas. If portions of the wall feel damp to the touch, it’s very likely mold is present. That’s true if the surface is starting to rot, too. Don’t try cutting away at the wall without professional help, as you may release mold spores or cause damage.  
  • Discoloration or staining. You may start to notice water stains, water rings, or other staining of drywall. These signs may indicate both the presence of moisture and/or mold. These stains can appear in many colors, including yellow, pink, or brown. 
  • Surface deterioration. When moisture and mold build-up beneath a surface, you’ll eventually see the effects on the surface, too. Look for areas of the wall which feature unexplained cracks, or walls that are bulging or buckling. 
  • The smell of mold. Sometimes, mold will emit an odor, even from below the surface. A good idea is to smell electrical outlets in the areas you’re worried about mold. It may sound strange, but the smell can seep through outlets more easily. 

Precise, Fast-Acting Mold Removal in Conifer 

At Green Home Solutions, we offer precise, powerful mold removal in Conifer for your peace of mind: 

  • You’ll always know what to expect. We keep you apprised throughout the inspection and treatment process. 
  • You’ll get fast, affordable treatment. We complete treatments within days, relying on precision and speed.
  • You’ll get eco-friendly remediation. We’re conscious of your health and safety when cleaning up mold.  

Get mold removal with powerful, proven impact in Conifer. If you have questions or concerns, you can Call (720) 900-8004 to reach Green Home Solutions today.