Indoor Air Quality Testing in Cumberland: Improving Indoor Air When You Have Pets

Our pets are near and dear to us. But they also introduce challenges to the quality of the air we breathe indoors. At Green Home Solutions in Cumberland, we offer indoor air quality testing and treatment services.

Are you aware of how much pets can affect the air you breathe? Cats, dogs, and other furry mammals produce tremendous concentrations of pollutants like dander, hair, and odors. In the closed environment of our homes, these jagged, microscopic particles take longer to disperse than other allergens. As they linger, they cling to fabrics, turn into dust mite fodder, and find their way into our lungs. 

Fortunately, you can live with your pets without living with the side effects. Let’s review some strategies.  

3 Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air with Pets 

With the right tactics, you can control and reduce the odors and tiny particulate matter that your pets create. As a note, it’s important to be cautious about using aerosolized products or cleaning chemicals. These can also linger in the air and may only provide temporary masking to hide the issue.

Instead, you can try these three strategies: 

  1. Grooming on a schedule. Brushing and bathing your pets regularly helps to reduce dander and shedding. In fact, weekly baths for dogs can decrease the allergens they produce by 84%! Speak to your vet about a good grooming schedule for your breed of dog.
  2. Increase home cleaning. Household textiles draw and retain dander, pet fur, and pet odors. You’ll want to vacuum rugs, carpeting, and furniture with a HEPA-filtered vacuum. It’s a good idea to wash bedding and other fabrics every week, too.
  3. Get an air purifier. Many air purifiers boast features for filtering out pet dander and fur. Products with HEPA filtration are well-suited for trapping small particles. Just as important, a significant activated carbon filter should complement the HEPA filter.  The activated carbon will reduce odors. Together, they can be ideal for cleaning the air and capturing those microscopic pet allergens. 

Indoor Air Quality Testing and Treatment in Cumberland

When you live with pets, it’s easy to acclimate to the smells they produce or the particles they release. With Green Home Solutions in Cumberland, you’ll never have to wonder if you’re overlooking these concerns. 

Here’s what our air quality experts can do: 

  • Indoor air quality testing.
    If you’re worried that indoor air quality has been compromised by your pets, we can perform tests to determine the air quality in your home. 
  • Odor removal.
    Instead of masking unpleasant pet smells with artificial ingredients, we neutralize odors at their molecular level.
  • Selecting a good air purifier can be a nightmare.  False marking claims are rampant in the industry.  Let Green Home Solutions navigate the mine field.

You can breathe easy and enjoy a healthy home even with pets! Contact Green Home Solutions at (207) 819-4119 to schedule indoor air quality testing in Cumberland.