Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Northern Rhode Island

Fast-Acting Mold Remediation in Woonsocket

  • Date: 02-2020

When you need fast-acting mold remediation that’s powerful and effective in Woonsocket, RI, you need Green Home Solutions. We take thorough steps at every stage of treatment to ensure all mold and mold spores are addressed. Our proprietary treatment sprays are loaded with impact, aggressively breaking down mold without harm to your indoors.  

We take the high costs and lengthy timelines out of remediation. Unlike conventional treatment methods, which involve tearing down affected surfaces, we rely on teardown as minimally as possible. Instead, we develop responsive strategies that are designed to quickly denature mold, mold spores, mildew, and fungi at a molecular level.  

With Green Home Solutions, you get the many benefits of our extensive research and scientific testing in effective measures for mold control. We treat mold while identifying indoor environmental factors that have helped mold thrive to make sure there’s as little risk of it returning as possible. 

Our Approach To Mold Remediation in Woonsocket 

When you choose our mold remediation services in Woonsocket, your Green Home Solutions representative will start with a detailed mold inspection. This preliminary step involves professional detection equipment and even lab testing if it’s deemed necessary. 

This vital measure will give you and your Green Home Solutions representative a clear scope of the indoor mold that’s present. We test and date any mold growth, detecting any moisture sources which may be feeding into mold growth. Our inspections determine what measures are appropriate for moisture control. They’re also the basis for the treatment strategy we create. 

From beginning to end, our treatments typically take under a week to successfully complete. We’re able to move so quickly, thanks to the strategies we’ve developed specifically for your building, and because we rely on teardown as little as possible. The result is high-impact remediation that lasts.  

Providing Mold Control Throughout Providence County 

With Green Home Solutions, you don’t just get a high-impact and preventative approach to mold remediation and mold control. You also get gentle treatments designed to improve and restore overall air quality within mold-affected areas. Our treatments are available to buildings throughout Providence County and beyond, including: 

environment-friendly mold remediation in Woonsocket

We make sure that any mold you deal with is short-lived, with targeted treatments that leave you with clean indoor air. 

Get any indoor mold problems under control with fast mold remediation from Green Home Solutions. To schedule a consultation in or around Woonsocket, call (401) 367-2228 today.