Two professionals for Fast-Acting Mold Removal in Lincoln 

Fast-Acting Mold Removal in Lincoln

  • Date: 03-2021

Getting expert mold removal doesn’t have to be time intensive or complicated. At Green Home Solutions, we deliver fast-acting remediation for buildings throughout Lincoln. We get to the heart of mold issues, treating active growth while addressing any contributors like moisture. Our licensed representatives help to achieve long-term results whenever we administer treatments. 

Mold needs very little to survive and thrive. Because individual mold spores are microscopic and invisible to the human eye, it’s easy for mold to set root and spread rapidly. With Green Home Solutions, remediation involves expert methods delivered with powerful equipment, allowing for effective detection and cleanup of mold. You can always count on our team to contain, treat, and prevent indoor mold. 

How We Deliver Mold Removal in Lincoln 

Whenever we administer mold removal in Lincoln, we start with an extensive inspection to assess indoor areas. We use this inspection phase to triangulate moisture sources contributing to mold, and to map out how far mold has infiltrated indoor areas. From there, we can work quickly and comprehensively to control, treat, and prevent any active growth. Here’s how we do it: 

Fast-acting remediation strategies. Based on inspection data, we build out a strategic remediation plan for your home. With this customized plan, we can be swift without ever sacrificing any treatment’s impact. 

Comprehensive containment. We use containment measures to limit the risks of further spread. The powerful equipment we use has high-efficiency filters to properly trap microscopic mold spores. 

Detailed cleanup of mold. With our suite of exclusive, EPA-certified remediation products, we can clean up mold on surfaces and in the air. Our highly robust sprays are proven to break down mold at its molecular level. 

With remediation from Green Home Solutions, your peace of mind comes first. Even after treatment is complete, we can provide a secondary inspection as a comparison point. That way, you can have clear and conclusive data on the success of treatment. We know how important it is to get trusted results with remediation. 

Schedule Your Remediation With Green Home Solutions 

At Green Home Solutions, we offer mold removal for houses, apartment buildings, industrial facilities, stores, and other buildings in: 

  • Lincoln
  • Cumberland
  • Pawtucket
  • Smithfield
  • Woonsocket
  • Smithfield
  • Providence 
  • North Providence
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Whether you’re looking for an initial assessment or you’re ready to schedule a treatment, we’re here to help you get powerful results and the peace of mind you deserve. 

If you need proactive mold removal from a trusted team, contact Green Home Solutions. To schedule a treatment in Lincoln, just give us a call at (401) 367-2228.