Indoor Air Quality in Pawtucket: Why It Matters & How We Help

When the air inside your home is muggy or pungent, it’s difficult to breathe – and a sign of bad indoor air quality. But why does the quality of your air matter so much? At Green Home Solutions, we offer comprehensive and affordable air quality solutions in Pawtucket and the surrounding areas. We also know how important it is to demystify these problems. 

Why Is Indoor Air Quality So Important? 

It’s easy to think that air quality is just a superficial problem. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are three reasons why indoor air quality is so important: 

  • Our homes can get polluted fast. A lot of contaminants enter the air we breathe every day. Particulate matter from cooking, pet dander, odors, mold, and dust—these are all commonplace in our homes. Unlike outdoor spaces, indoor environments are enclosed, meaning once particles are in the air, it’s much harder for them to disperse. That’s especially true when there’s poor ventilation. 
  • We spend a lot of time inside. Humans have gravitated indoors more and more, and now the average person is inside 90% of the time. While most people think of outdoor pollution as the biggest problem, the reality is that our primary contact with pollutants is through the indoor spaces we inhabit. Given that and how much time we spend indoors, it’s crucial to have clean air.   
  • It impacts our well-being. Poor air quality can have a profound impact on our health and comfort. These effects can be wide-ranging—from headaches and lack of focus to respiratory illnesses and heart disease. The impact can start off as a short-term issue, but it can evolve into a long-term complication. It also makes day-to-day living within a space just a little more difficult. Given how treatable air quality issues are, it’s always worth improving your home’s air. 

High-Impact Treatments For Homes in Pawtucket 

Green Home Solutions can help you better understand indoor air quality issues affecting your home. We administer treatments in: 

  • Pawtucket
  • Lincoln
  • Cumberland
  • Smithfield
  • Woonsocket
  • Providence
  • North Providence
  • And throughout the surrounding region
Indoor air quality in Pawtucket

Call us today to get started. We can audit your indoor areas, isolate problems, and offer recommendations for moisture control and other air quality problems. We’re dedicated to improving the health of your home. 

Learn more about treatments from Green Home Solutions. Call (401) 367-2228 today for a free indoor air quality consultation in Pawtucket.