Mold Inspection in Lincoln

Worker providing a Mold Inspection in Lincoln

Through our mold inspection and treatment services, Green Home Solutions makes it easy for families in Lincoln to solve mold problems. When we perform an initial inspection, one of the main steps we take is diagnosing the underlying source of mold problems. Often, this source is a leak somewhere in your home. This could be a cracked pipe somewhere in your walls or floors, damage to your roof that allows rain water to leak inside, or foundation damage that lets ground moisture into your basement or crawl space.

Whatever the cause of the leak, you’ll be faced with an important question: Do you stop the leak first before treating the mold? Or is it better to remove the mold before you fix the leak?

With few exceptions, this question has a simple answer: You fix the leak first.

Below, our mold inspection experts in Lincoln explain why this is the case, along with how to remove mold once the leak is fixed.

Stopping the Leak vs. Treating the Mold

There are two basic reasons why you should fix a leak first before attempting to treat or remove mold growth.

The first reason is that an active leak can make mold treatments less effective. Moisture from a leak can dilute remediation products or act as a shield that protects the mold against treatment. By fixing the leak first, you can eliminate the moisture and improve the chance of a successful treatment.

The second reason is that the leak could encourage new mold to grow after the treatment. By failing to fix the leak, you could risk new mold emerging once the original mold has been eliminated.

Once the leak has been stopped, you’ll be able to safely remove or treat the mold with help from Green Home Solutions.

Our Mold Inspection & Treatment Services in Lincoln

At Green Home Solutions, we’re committed to making mold removal easy for families in Lincoln.

If you find or suspect mold damage in your home, we’ll start with a detailed mold inspection. Following the inspection, we’ll develop a custom solution to remove or treat any mold that we find. Our treatments use negative air technologies to trap and contain mold, preventing further spread, as well as an EPA-registered product that uses natural plant enzymes to fight mold on the molecular level.

Our mold inspection and treatment services are available throughout Lincoln, as well as in neighboring communities. We proudly serve families in Lincoln, Cumberland, Pawtucket, Woonsocket, North Providence, Providence, Smithfield, and surrounding areas.

Request a mold inspection for your home in Lincoln today by calling Green Home Solutions at (401) 367-2228!