Your Choice For Mold Inspection in Pawtucket

You don’t have to deal with mold all by yourself. With professional intervention from experts you trust, you can remove the cost, hassle, and longevity associated with mold issues. At Green Home Solutions, we administer mold inspection as well as mold remediation in Pawtucket. We help you understand what you’re dealing with, and what’s needed to address mold long-term. 

Treating mold on your own can be an impossible task. Without the right equipment or professional testing methods, it’s hard to know how far mold has spread and how to effectively treat it. With Green Home Solutions, inspection is always a priority for remediation. We use expert methods to investigate mold, assess its impact, and identify next steps to address it immediately. 

What To Expect With Mold Inspection in Pawtucket 

With Green Home Solutions, mold inspection involves detailed detection methods to uncover mold and related concerns. For homes and other buildings in Pawtucket, we use infrared equipment and other high-precision techniques to scout out mold-affected areas. In doing so, we can reduce many common issues homeowners face when dealing with mold: 

Your Choice For Mold Inspection in Pawtucket

Minimizing mold’s damage to indoor surfaces. When homeowners address mold on their own, it’s common to overlook existing growth. That’s especially true if mold is growing in concealed areas beneath surfaces, carpeting, or furniture. We help prevent this from happening by investigating for visible and hidden mold growth. 

Identifying related air quality contaminants. If mold is present indoors, it’s a symptom of underlying air quality issues. We make it a priority to triangulate these issues, from leaks to other moisture events. In doing so, we can reduce the impact of these issues on your indoors and on your health. 

Taking guesswork out of the treatment process. With inspection data, mold remediation can be more precise, targeted, and tactical. For homeowners who have been dealing with recurring or long-term mold issues, we take the guesswork and uncertainty out of treatment. We deliver long-lasting results with any subsequent remediation. 

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With Green Home Solutions, you’ll always have expert input guiding your approach to mold issues. Our representatives are here to answer questions and address concerns. We offer specific guidance backed by clear data on your mold issues. From mold inspection to mold remediation, we make it easier to take action against mold in: 

  • Pawtucket
  • Cumberland
  • Lincoln
  • Smithfield
  • Woonsocket
  • North Providence
  • Providence
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Learn more about the mold inspection services we offer in Pawtucket. To get started, give Green Home Solutions a call today at (401) 367-2228.