Mold Inspection in Cumberland: What You Need to Know

Professional for Mold Inspection in Cumberland: What You Need to Know

Mold can be tricky because of its ability to seemingly appear out of nowhere. Why did it show up? How do you correctly identify mold? The process of spotting mold and addressing it can be complicated without help from the experts. At Green Home Solutions, we utilize comprehensive mold inspections to help Cumberland, RI residents tackle mold and prevent it from becoming an issue in the future. Below, we’ll go through some common questions we get about mold to help you get started.

Common Mold Inspection Questions Answered

Because of how complicated dealing with mold can be, it raises a long list of questions with local homeowners, businesses, real estate agents, and property managers. Here are some of the questions we most frequently face and their answers to get you started on the road to identifying and preventing mold:

Why does mold grow indoors? Mold thrives in areas where there’s a lot of moisture. It often pops up in areas where there’s high humidity, a leak, water damage, a burst pipe, or some other form of water damage. Because of this, it’s essential to maintain indoor spaces that are dry and well ventilated.

What is mold? Patches of mold, instead of being singular organisms, are actually colonies of fungus strands called hyphae. When collections of enough hyphae grow in a dense, thriving colony, they eventually grow large enough to be visible to the naked eye.

How can I tell if there’s mold in my building? Mold can be identified by several of its distinct characteristics. One of the easiest ways to spot mold is by looking for stains or discoloration appearing on your walls or on the other surfaces on the premises. Mold can also be spotted by its characteristic damp, musty smell.

The Benefits of Cumberland’s Professional Mold Inspection

Working with us means more than just getting help identifying mold. In addition to tracking down the mold in your house or building, we’ll identify the source of the mold and work with you to create a plan on how to address it and prevent it from popping up again in the future. From inspections to mold remediation, our team has your needs covered.

We offer our professional mold inspection to our neighbors in these areas:

  • Cumberland
  • Pawtucket
  • Woonsocket
  • North Providence
  • Lincoln
  • Providence
  • Smithfield
  • And throughout surrounding communities

To get started with our mold inspection in Cumberland, contact us at (401) 367-2228 today!