Mold Removal in Cumberland: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Mold Removal Services

When you find mold in your home, your first instinct might be to remove the mold yourself. That’s almost always a bad idea. Mold is notoriously stubborn, and when homeowners try to get rid of it with household products, they tend to make the problem worse. Instead, you should be contacting a trusted mold removal provider in Cumberland, like Green Home Solutions.

Four Common Mold Removal Errors

Our mold removal team has seen what happens when homeowners try to remove mold on their own. In most cases, homeowners in Cumberland make one or more basic mistakes. Sometimes, it looks like they’ve solved the problem. But it only takes a few days or weeks before the mold returns.

Below are four of the most common errors made on DIY mold treatment projects.

  • Misunderstanding how mold grows. A lot of homeowners who try to get rid of mold simply focus on visible mold growth. The problem is, mold can grow in hidden areas or inside porous materials, like wood and drywall. If you miss this hidden growth, mold will keep growing.
  • Using household products like bleach. Bleach is commonly used to treat mold, and it’s almost always ineffective. That’s because bleach can’t reach subsurface mold colonies. You might kill the mold on the surface, but the subsurface mold will remain in perfect health.
  • Allowing mold spores to spread. During mold treatments, we use negative air pressure generators, HEPA air filters, and other systems to contain airborne mold spores. Homeowners rarely take these steps, which can mean they end up spreading mold to new areas.
  • Focusing on mold, ignoring moisture. Mold problems start with moisture problems. This means you need to identify and fix the moisture issues that allowed mold to grow in the first place. Otherwise, the mold will come back after it’s been removed.

Mold Remediation Services in Cumberland

If you’ve found signs of mold in your home, Green Home Solutions can help. Our mold removal services use the natural mold-fighting power of plant-based enzymes to fight mold outbreaks.

Unlike other products, our treatments penetrate porous surfaces to neutralize subsurface mold growth, in addition to visible colonies. As a result, our services aren’t just greener—they’re also less costly and less time-intensive than competitor services. Instead of demolishing and rebuilding moldy materials, we can neutralize the mold infestation with a simple treatment.

As a locally owned and operated company, we proudly serve Cumberland and neighboring communities. Our service area currently includes:

  • Cumberland
  • North Providence
  • Lincoln
  • Pawtucket
  • Providence
  • Smithfield
  • Woonsocket
  • And the surrounding areas

For mold removal services in Cumberland, contact Green Home Solutions today at (401) 367-2228!