Mold Removal in Woonsocket: How Do You Know if Mold is Behind Drywall?

A man from Green Home Solutions providing mold removal in Woonsocket

Mold is a serious issue when it’s left unaddressed. And to effectively address it, you first need to know where it is. When mold colonies are hiding behind the drywall in your home, they can be tough to identify. Below, we’ll highlight a few tips on what to look for when it comes to identifying mold hidden behind drywall. We’ll also share how our team of mold removal professionals effectively removes this invasive fungus from homes throughout the entire Woonsocket, RI area.

4 Signs of Potential Mold Issues Behind Drywall 

It can be tricky to spot mold if you’re not entirely sure what you should be looking for. Here are a few signs you can look out for to spot mold behind the drywall in your Woonsocket home:

  1. Damp Areas – Areas with high humidity and excess moisture are where mold thrives. Keeping an eye out for damp areas on your drywall or wallpaper can tip you off that a mold colony has started developing behind it. 
  2. Musty Odors – Another common way to spot mold is by its smell. Paying attention to any damp, musty, wet dirt smells can help you identify mold infestations before they spread and cause structural damage in your home.
  3. Discoloration – Mold infestations can quickly cause damage to the surfaces they develop on. One way they cause damage is through discoloration. Keeping an eye out for discolored patches on your wall can go a long way toward effectively monitoring for mold and helping you avoid full-blown infestations.
  4. Surface Changes – In addition to causing discoloration, mold can cause many other issues with the surfaces they grow on. Regularly checking for any bumps, waves, bowing, or other inconsistencies in your walls can help you spot mold infestations or the water damage that causes them.

Precise, Fast-Acting Mold Removal in Woonsocket

Choosing Green Home Solutions for your mold removal means getting quick and effective treatments. Our team utilizes a proven, comprehensive system to quickly get to the bottom of mold infestations, treat them, and help you prevent them from popping up again in the future.

We offer top-notch mold removal in Cumberland, Woonsocket, Pawtucket, North Providence, Lincoln, Providence, Smithfield, and throughout the surrounding communities. Call us at (401) 367-2228 today to learn more!

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