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Your Expert Mold Removal in North Providence

  • Date: 03-2021

Mold can be incredibly tough to get rid of without professional mold removal. Mold needs very little to surface, thrive, and spread, which is why it’s important to use professional equipment and proper techniques to clean and treat mold. At Green Home Solutions, we administer comprehensive remediation in North Providence and the surrounding area. The goal is always to restore a lasting, mold-free indoor environment.  

With any and all treatments, inspection is a crucial first step. This initial measure allows us to discover the full extent of mold growth and to take tactical measures at every stage of remediation. We use this data before, during, and after treatment, ensuring mold can’t resurface easily in the future. 

How We Deliver Powerful Mold Removal in North Providence 

At Green Home Solutions, we work quickly to deliver powerful mold removal and mold control. We don’t limit our scope to treating surface mold. Instead, for buildings in North Providence, we provide long-term impact, addressing any mold issues at their source in the following ways: 

We find what’s causing mold. When you’re dealing with pervasive issues of mold, it’s a sign that moisture issues are present inside your home, too. We identify leaks, condensation, or other water sources causing mold to thrive, then assist with proactive next steps to mitigate moisture. 

We build a specific treatment plan. Every time we implement remediation, we always build a treatment plan that’s specific to your space and the type of mold discovered. We’re able to significantly minimize the cost and time involved with treatment, while maximizing the overall effectiveness and precision of remediation. 

We address surface and airborne mold. Mold isn’t just present on and below surfaces. It also lives in the air you breathe. During remediation, we use EPA-certified products to clean up airborne mold as well as mold on surfaces. We target dead particles as well as live spores, since these can be harmful to your health, too. 

Schedule Your Consultation With Green Home Solutions 

With Green Home Solutions, you can schedule mold removal services for buildings throughout the region in: 

  • North Providence
  • Cumberland
  • Lincoln
  • Pawtucket
  • Smithfield
  • Woonsocket
  • Providence
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Whether you’re found clear proof of mold or you’re worried it may be present, your Green Home Solutions representative can assess the situation and help you determine next steps. We’re committed to earning your peace of mind, with remediation you can always trust to last. 

Get started with our mold removal services in North Providence. To schedule a free indoor air quality consultation with Green Home Solutions, just call (401) 367-2228.