Mold Removal in Pawtucket: Will Mold Die if it Dries Out?

There’s a wide range of mysteries surrounding mold given its ability to seemingly appear out of thin air. However, one of the biggest mysterious surrounding mold is what happens to it once it dries out. Below, we’ll take a quick look at what exactly happens to mold once it dries out and why it can still be a threat to your home and your health. Whether it’s active or completely dried out, we utilize proven mold removal in Pawtucket, RI area homes to keep them protected from this common threat.

Is Mold Removal Necessary Once it Dries Out?

Mold develops and thrives in areas with a source of moisture, whether that source is high humidity, leaky pipes, a cracked roof, or something else. It isn’t too far of a leap to think that once mold loses this source of moisture, it’ll start to die off. However, the truth isn’t so simple. Here’s a closer look at what happens to mold when it dries out and the risks it still carries:

Dry Mold Can Still be a Health Risk

When the mold in your home dries out, it can still cause issues. When it flakes off of whatever surface it’s currently residing on, it can cause the same health risks that come with active mold, including irritating your respiratory system and causing issues with your allergies. Because of this, effectively addressing mold, active or not, is a crucial part of keeping your home safe.

Dry Mold Can Become Airborne

Another problem that often pops up with dried-out mold is that it can become airborne. Airborne mold is a problem because, although there may not be moisture where it currently resides, it can become active again if it reaches an area that does have a source of moisture.

Dry Mold Isn’t Dead Mold

One of the most worrying things about dry mold is the fact that it can stay alive in a dormant state for years. That means that an old, forgotten patch of mold that’s completely dry can start spreading again if there’s a leak.

Our Advanced Mold Removal in Pawtucket

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