Poor Indoor Air Quality in Woonsocket: What Causes It?

Air quality issues are common, and they can come in many forms. If your home has poor air quality, it can affect your health and overall well-being. Effectively addressing these issues is essential. However, before tackling air quality issues, you first need to understand what’s causing them. To better understand how air quality issues develop, we’ll look at the leading causes below. And to remedy these issues and bring better indoor air quality to our neighbors located all over the Woonsocket, RI area, we offer a full range of proven services. 

couple on couch breathing quality indoor air in Woonsocket

The Factors that Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality in Woonsocket Homes

Two main factors lead to poor indoor air quality in local homes. Here’s a quick overview of these factors and how they can cause your air quality to take a turn for the worse:

Poor Ventilation

Airflow issues are common causes of declining air quality. If the air in your home isn’t continuously cycling with air from the outdoors, it can trap all kinds of things inside. Humidity, cleaning product particulates, and more can get trapped in your home if you don’t have adequate ventilation in place. To avoid the issues and discomfort caused by poor air quality, it’s essential to effectively utilize ventilation tools like exhaust fans and dehumidifiers.


Pollutants are the most common cause of indoor air quality issues in Woonsocket. They can come in the form of gas, particulates, or a mixture of both, causing allergic reactions and irritating your respiratory system. These pollutants make it tough to feel comfortable in your indoor spaces, which is why it’s important to take a multifaceted approach when treating your air quality. 

How We Improve Indoor Air Quality

To effectively treat your air quality, we utilize in-depth testing and a comprehensive range of services to get to the bottom of what’s causing any existing issues and remedy them. With our probiotic air purification systems, mold remediation, and other services, we can treat your air and prevent future indoor air quality issues. We’ll design and implement a custom-tailored treatment plan based on your unique needs and the issues currently affecting your air quality. 

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