About Our Mold Remediation in Danbury

Date: 05-2020

Many people do not realize that mold can be extremely difficult to completely remove from a home. Mold is not only what you see on the surface. It can get into the air and subsurfaces, establishing roots called hyphae. Even dead mold can produce harmful mycotoxins that are invisible and odorless. These molds can even get into your HVAC […]

Our Mold Remediation in New Fairfield 

Date: 03-2020

If mold appears in your home or you think that you may have mold spores in the air that are making you sick, getting a professional opinion from your local certified Mold Inspector is the first step in fixing the problem in your New Fairfield home. We are local and live around the Candlewood Lake community. We have […]

Our Mold Remediation in Brookfield

Date: 02-2020

If you think you may be experiencing a mold issue in your home, it’s important to bring in an experienced certified inspector to investigate. Green Home Solutions has inspected and serviced hundreds of homes in Brookfield and the Candlewood Lake communities. Our Board Certified Inspectors will do an 18 point comprehensive inspection while using the latest equipment, […]

High-Powered Mold Remediation for New Milford Area Homes

Date: 02-2020

Expert mold remediation can quickly put an end to the stress and expense that comes with mold, fungi, and mildew in your home. At Green Home Solutions, we offer fast-acting and cost-conscious treatments for houses throughout New Milford and beyond.  Proper professional intervention can make all the difference in the longevity and impact of mold […]

How Mold Removal in Danbury Can Address Health Concerns

Date: 12-2019

What are some signs that you may need to find a mold removal service? Sudden coughing, sneezing, sore throat and asthma can sometimes be mold related, especially in the colder, dryer months. Mold spores, germs, bacteria, pollen and dander can often get airborne in the winter months when it’s dry because the relative humidity is lower in the […]