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Get Mold Removal in Naugatuck

  • Date: 03-2021

Getting effective mold removal doesn’t have to be time intensive or expensive. At Green Home Solutions, we offer professional intervention for pervasive or widespread mold issues in Naugatuck. Our experts are ACAC board-certified structural mold inspectors who can carefully investigate mold and its sources, building responsive remediation protocols right away. The result is fast acting, affordable, and proactive remediation every time. 

Because individual mold spores are microscopic, treating mold without professional equipment or expertise can feel impossible. It’s very easy to treat surface mold, only to have it return again and again. That might be because mold is growing below surfaces or it might be because moisture sources haven’t been sufficiently addressed. Whatever the case, we offer precision and speed in resolving mold problems, for powerful long-term impact.

Offering Long-Term Impact With Mold Removal in Naugatuck

When you choose Green Home Solutions for mold removal in Naugatuck, you’re choosing to eliminate cost and guesswork from the remediation process. We understand how mold behaves and how to effectively curb growth. Our inspectors work together with a licensed crew to administer rigorous, rapid treatments throughout the area. Here’s how: 

We trace and mitigate moisture sources. Mold doesn’t grow without a little help. Finding and abating moisture sources is crucial to long-term mold prevention. Our inspectors use precise detection methods to root out any water contributing to mold growth. Without water, mold can’t resurface again and again.  

We contain and isolate mold. We can immediately isolate any areas featuring mold growth, preventing mold from further infiltrating air systems or adjacent areas. Our crew uses the latest containment technology, including air pressure manipulation and high-pressure filters capable of trapping tiny mold spores. 

We clean up surface and airborne mold. Mold doesn’t just live on surfaces. It infiltrates the air you breathe, too. The highly robust products we rely on can break down airborne mold growth, targeting the allergenic proteins in mold, which trigger respiratory conditions. We comprehensively clean and remove mold.  

Schedule A Mold Inspection Today 

Whether you’ve discovered visible evidence of mold or you only suspect its presence, the first step for mold removal is a detailed inspection. Green Home Solutions can come to you for an inspection, no matter where you’re based locally, in: 

  • Naugatuck
  • Danbury
  • New Fairfield
  • Waterbury
  • Brookfield
  • New Milford
  • Sherman
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Take decisive action on mold issues, with help from Green Home Solutions. To schedule mold removal or a mold inspection in Naugatuck, get in touch with our office at (203) 628-2227.