Indoor Air Quality Testing in New Milford: Poor Air Quality and Your Health

Mold, moisture, smoke, particulate matter, and bacteria can infiltrate the air you breathe, affecting the air quality in your home. Understanding the effects of indoor air pollution makes it easier to be proactive about these problems. At Green Home Solutions, we work with homeowners in New Milford to improve indoor air quality through testing, mold remediation, and other services. 

Let’s review how health and air quality are linked. 

How Air Quality and Your Health Are Connected 

Everyone reacts differently to poor air quality. Some people start showing symptoms right away, while others don’t feel it at all. Long-term issues are often overlooked until it’s too late. Indoor air quality testing can help you assess these problems more accurately. 

For homeowners in New Milford, here’s what you should know about the potential health risks of indoor air pollution:

  • Short-term symptoms can be wide-ranging. When you come in contact with poor air quality, it can have an effect right away, or it may take time. Typical short-term symptoms can include fatigue, lack of productivity, congestion, irritation of the eyes and nose, and headaches. 
  • Poor ventilation and moisture can make issues worse. If contaminants are in the air, good ventilation and proper humidity levels can reduce their adverse effects. On the other hand, poor ventilation allows air pollution to stay in the air longer. High indoor humidity can keep bacteria and other pollutants trapped in the air you breathe, too.   
  • Long-term health problems can be debilitating. Some effects of exposure occur as long-term incidents. These may occur several years after a person was exposed to a contaminant, or they can crop up after repeated long-term exposure. Long-term risks include heart disease, lung cancer, and other debilitating illnesses.  
  • Vulnerable groups are especially at risk. Certain groups can be more sensitive to indoor air pollution than others. Air quality can affect lung development in kids. Contaminants in the air are also more likely to affect seniors, pregnant women, and those with existing respiratory conditions.      

How We Deliver Indoor Air Quality Testing in New Milford

With Green Home Solutions, you can always count on comprehensive indoor air quality testing: 

  • We can test surfaces and air for mold, moisture, and other issues. 
  • We use top accredited labs in the region to analyze samples.
  • Our board-certified inspectors can write mold remediation protocols tailored to your home. 

It’s just one of the many treatments we offer across the region: 

Green Home Solutions providing indoor air quality testing in New Milford.
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  • New Fairfield
  • Waterbury
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