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Mold Inspection Company in New Milford: What Sets Us Apart

  • Date: 08-2021

The first step to getting rid of mold in your home is a professional mold inspection. This means finding a mold inspection company you can trust. For homeowners in New Milford, that’s as simple as contacting the team at Green Home Solutions.

As part of our mold remediation services, our team offers mold inspections and mold testing to homes in the New Milford area. Homeowners choose us for our experience and expertise, as well as our advanced testing methods and state-of-the-art technologies.

Worried about mold in your home in the New Milford area? Here’s what makes our mold inspection company the right choice for you and your family.

A Better Mold Inspection Company

ACAC Certification. All of our structural mold inspectors have been certified by the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC). Our certification gives homeowners confidence in the expertise of our inspectors and the methods we use for testing.

Advanced Technology. Mold has a habit of growing in hidden areas or underneath the surface of infested materials. To detect hidden mold and moisture problems, our inspectors use infrared technology. This allows us to map out hidden infestations and locate the source of mold problems.

Laboratory Testing. During your inspection, our inspectors may collect surface samples and/or air samples for independent laboratory testing. These tests indicate the species of mold present in your home, as well as the severity of your infestation in terms of air quality.

Custom Solutions. Our mold remediation services are customized for every home based on the results of our inspections. We will create a solution that’s tailored to the conditions in your home, neutralizing the infestation. Following remediation, we offer an optional air quality test so you can see the impact of our results.

Mold Inspections & Remediation in New Milford

At Green Home Solutions, we take pride in serving homeowners in the New Milford area. We are one of the most highly rated mold inspection companies in our region, with a reputation for quick and responsive service, combined with exceptional results.

In addition to mold inspections, you can rely on Green Home Solutions for mold remediation and removal. Unlike most competitors, we exclusively use a green-certified mold removal product in our treatments. This product not only neutralizes surface and subsurface mold, it also offers protection against new mold growth!

In addition to New Milford, our mold inspection company also serves neighboring communities. Our service area currently extends to:

  • New Milford
  • Danbury
  • Brookfield
  • New Fairfield
  • Naugatuck
  • Sherman
  • Waterbury
  • Surrounding areas

Looking for a better mold inspection company in New Milford? Contact Green Home Solutions today at (203) 628-2227!